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User Experience

OVD Enterprise delivers a great user experience that is fast and fluid.

Say Goodbye to Slow Performance and Frozen Sessions

Inuvika makes remote productivity easy with a virtual workspace experience that is fast, familiar, and feature-rich right out-of-the-box.

Access Apps in Different Ways

OVD lets you access your apps in different ways. From a full desktop to an intuitive Web portal, you have a choice in how to work in your virtual workspace.

Performance and Reliability

Tired of long login times and apps that take forever to launch? What about frozen sessions that result in lost work? We can do something about that.

Use Any Device

Use any modern device or Web browser to access your apps, including and Chromebook, Raspberry Pi, and other thin clients.

Built for Remote Productivity

OVD creates a familiar virtual workspace environment with features that allow you to be productive no matter where you are.

Work With Apps Your Way

  • Desktop Mode provides a shared Linux or Windows desktop pre-populated with your apps. The desktops look and feel like local desktops and can be accessed on all Inuvika client devices, including HTML 5 Web browsers.
  • Portal Mode presents your apps within a Web portal that includes an intuitive file management interface. Simply click on the icons and apps launch within your browser window just as they would on your desktop.
  • App Mode integrates your remote apps seamlessly into your local desktop and launch menu. Apps look and behave as though they are installed locally on your own device. It's the most natural way to work with your apps!

Use Any Device

Access Windows and Linux apps, desktops, and data on today's major platforms.

Inuvika Enterprise Clients. The Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Clients are lightweight applications that enable users to access their virtual apps and desktops on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chromebook and Raspberry Pi thin clients. The native clients provide maximium integration and enhanced functionality.

OVD Web Client. Take a browser-first approach and access OVD apps and desktops using an HTML5 Web browser. It requires zero installation and supports features like seamless cut/paste and Web print to help you stay productive.

Easy Installation. The Enterprise Desktop Client is a fast and simple installation on your Mac, Windows, or Linux device. It can even be visually branded with your organization's identity for a customized experience.

The Enterprise Mobile Client for iOS and Android mobile devices are available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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User Experience speed

Performance and Reliability

Spend less time waiting to catch up.

Fast Login. OVD's user profile management significantly improves session launch times. Users are ready to work in seconds, not minutes.

Advanced Session Management. Inuvika's advanced session architecture eliminates performance bottlenecks. Apps launch quickly and without annoying delays.

Session Recovery. In the event of a service disruption, disconnected sessions maintain their state and protect the user's work. Users can reconnect and continue where they last left off.

Follow-me Roaming. Transfer user sessions from one device to another easily. When you log into an active session from a new device, OVD will transfer the existing session over to the new device so you won't have to start over.

Resource Container. OVD's Resource Container customizes user environments by managing available system resources. Administrators can assign limits to the amount of RAM and CPU power that users, or groups of users, can access within their OVD sessions. Delegate higher limits to power users, or prevent applications from over-stressing system resources and impacting overall performance.

Built for Remote Productivity

Features that help you work from anywhere .

Premium USB Device Redirection. Connect the widest variety of USB devices to your remote OVD Windows session. Connect scanners, Webcams, specialty printers, biometic devices, and much more.

Web and Local Print. OVD fully supports print when using either a Web browser, or the Inuvika Enterprise Client.

In-Session Screen Resizing. OVD adjusts active session desktops to match the user's client or browser window setting without having to log out and log back in.

Multi-Monitor Support. Connect a monitor, and OVD will instantly recognize it and make it available for use in Application and Desktop Modes. It's a more manageable way to work with multiple Windows applications at the same time.

Audio-Video. The EDC supports the RemoteFX Adaptive Graphics, RemoteFX Progressive Codec and RemoteFX for WAN (TCP only) on Windows Application Servers. Video and audio synchronization is supported on Windows clients.

Support for select virtual GPU cards available on Windows Application Servers.

The EDC and EMC support audio recording using microphone redirection with Linux and Windows application servers. Microphone recording also supported on HTML5 browser-based sessions. Supports audio out with Linux and Windows Application servers.