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OVD Enterprise Overview

OVD Enterprise is an integrated solution for delivering virtualized applications and shared desktops to any device.

Create secure virtual workspaces to access Windows and Linux apps from anywhere, on any device.

Deliver business critical applications within familiar virtual workspaces that live in your private or public cloud datacenter.

OVD Enterprise lets organizations move business-critical applications to the cloud and provides a fast and secure virtual digital workspace experience for users. It deploys quickly, is easy to manage and best of all, is as little as half the cost of other solutions.

OVD Enterprise Addresses Today’s Challenges

Work From Anywhere

Enable employees, contractors, and partners to securely access applications and data from anywhere, without the need for VPNs, or pre-provisioned corporate devices.  

Protect Corporate Data

Secure your corporate data by centralizing applications and data within your cloud datacenter. No information ever resides on end user devices.

Support BYOD

Deliver rich virtual workspace environments to users on any device, including phones, tablets, and thin clients.

Reduce PC Costs

Lower IT costs by centralizing management of business-critical applications and using low-cost devices like Raspberry Pi thin clients.

Preserve Legacy Apps

Maintain legacy apps by moving them to the cloud. OVD supports multiple versions of the same app, so you’ll never lose access to legacy apps on modern devices.

Why Do Customers Choose OVD Enterprise?

OVD Enterprise includes all the features you need for providing secure remote access to apps, desktops and data, without paying for the ones you don’t need. Your workforce can stay safely connected to their work no matter where they are, or which device they use.


Windows and Linux Apps and Desktops

Deliver Windows and Linux shared desktops and apps using a single, integrated delivery platform deployed on-premise, or available as-a-service.

A Great User Experience

Create virtual workspaces that are fast, reliable, and familiar. Choose how to work with apps, including desktops and intuitive Web portals.

Comprehensive Security

Inuvika’s Enterprise Secure Gateway provides instant remote access without the need for VPNs or custom security ports.

Simplified Management

Single-pane-of-glass management lets you manage OVD from one central Web-based console.

Fast and Flexible Deployment

OVD’s modern design installs in hours, not days, so you won’t have to deal with expensive consultants and long deployment engagements. OVD is also available as-a-service through our network of partners.

Lowers IT Costs

OVD’s simplifies application management and support, allowing you to reallocate savings to other projects. Best of all, OVD total cost of ownership is as little as half the cost of competing solutions.

How OVD Enterprise Works

Inuvika’s integrated approach to app virtualization provides a solution that lets IT departments finely control access to corporate resources while enabling secure remote productivity. Unlike conventional VDI platforms, OVD Enterprise requires less infrastructure to manage. You’ll avoid the complexity of VDI while also reducing your overall cost of ownership.


Apps and data move into a secure cloud data center

All Windows and Linux application servers, along with file servers and the OVD Enterprise server farm, reside on multiple virtual machines within the safe confines of your private or public cloud datacenter.


Integration with backend infrastructure

OVD integrates with today’s leading IT infrastructure, including any LDAP or Microsoft AD service, external file storage, and any hypervisor. Deploying OVD in multi-tenant mode lets you connect to as many shared or dedicated backend system resources as you need.


Users log into a secure session

When a user initiates a session, OVD combines user applications, user data, and processing of data together with a friendly Web portal or Windows/Linux desktop interface. The result is a secure virtual workspace that lives within the cloud datacenter and is accessed remotely through the Inuvika Enterprise Secure Gateway, or locally on the corporate LAN.


OVD delivers the workspace to users

Since the applications, data and processing of data never leave the datacenter, corporate data remains secure and users can instantly access their business-critical apps on any device, including HTML5 Web browsers.

Compare OVD Enterprise to the Competition

If you currently use a VPN or are considering Citrix vs VMware, you have a better option: Inuvika OVD Enterprise.
Inuvika OVD Enterprise
Seamless support for Windows and Linux apps.
Fast and easy installation and configuration.
Simplified single-console management.
Save up to half the cost.
Citrix Virtual Apps
Requires additional set-up and is not a seamless experience
Lengthy and complicated configuration.
Requires multiple management consoles.
Higher cost-of-ownership.
VMware Horizon App
Requires additional set-up and is not a seamless experience.
Lengthy and complicated configuration.
Requires multiple management consoles.
Higher cost-of-ownership.


Download the current data sheet for OVD Enterprise.

Inuvika released OVD Enterprise 3.2, featuring advanced video performance and native Duo support.

Abilene Christian University moved their health information application into the cloud with OVD Enterprise.

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