Inuvika OVD Enterprise | Access Apps & Desktops on Any Device
  • Your Citrix

    Simplify Application Delivery and
    Reduce Costs

  • Inuvika OVD Enterprise 3.2
    Now Available

    Amazing video performance,
    even faster secure connections
    and Duo support

  • Inuvika OVD Enterprise Digital Workspace

    Access your apps and data on any device

  • Virtualized Applications,
    Any Device,
    Half the Cost.

    Inuvika OVD Enterprise delivers virtualized Windows and Linux applications to any device without the cost and complexity of VDI.

  • VPN Alternative For Remote Work Access

Secure access to apps and virtual desktops.
No VPN.  Lower costs by up to 50%

Unlike other competitors to Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops or VMware Horizon Apps, Inuvika OVD Enterprise has a Linux foundation. As a result, you will need fewer Microsoft Windows licenses. With better processing speed, less infrastructure is needed to deliver a cloud-based app or desktop experience when compared to other desktop virtualization software or VDI.

All of this with a single, easy to use, web-based admin console that you will be an expert on in a day.


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Why choose Inuvika OVD Enterprise as
an alternative to Citrix or VMware?

Great User Experience

Access both Windows and Linux apps together on any desktop, laptop and mobile device. Apps are delivered quickly to the user through a Web portal, shared desktop, or as integrated apps on the users' own local desktop. OVD has unmatched USB device redirection, highly optimized video streaming and native support for applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


OVD is built on the principle of Zero Trust. Administrators have granular control of user access, and functionality can be enabled and disabled on a user, group or global basis. There is built in Multi-factor Authentication (2FA) removing the need for additional cost from another service (but can support Duo natively and any SAML2 compatible provider). All data transferred between the user and their apps is encrypted using advanced technology, removing the need for a VPN.


You can also manage every aspect of your OVD environment through a single, easy-to-use Web console. There's no need to install a management client on your desktop. OVD can be securely managed from anywhere, on any device.

Lower Cost of Ownership

OVD is sold as a simple, all-inclusive subscription plan and has a total cost of ownership (TCO) as little as 50% of other solutions. You won't need Microsoft SQL Server licenses or separate gateway solutions such as Citrix NetScaler/ADC. Our simple resource containerization packs more users onto your application servers allowing even further optimization.


OVD embraces today's leading Enterprise standards. It works with any hypervisor (i.e. vSphere, KVM, Hyper-V and Nutanix AHV), any Active Directory or LDAP directory service, and deploys on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure and any other public or private cloud provider.

Easy to Install

OVD can be installed and configured in as little as a few hours, compared to weeks with products like Citrix and VMware. This means less disruption to your user base. OVD deploys on Linux and integrates with existing Linux and Microsoft backend systems. Upgrades are also straight forward and performed in minutes rather than hours.

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