Stratodesk Thin Client OS for Inuvika OVD Virtualized Apps and Desktops

Stratodesk Powers Thin Client Endpoint Devices

Stratodesk is the world’s leading endpoint OS and management solution. It is used by government and healthcare organizations, banks, SMBs, and large enterprises to eliminate cost and scalability obstacles facing their complex network of devices.

By delivering the only management software for mixed environments of x86, ARM and Raspberry Pi devices, Stratodesk is reinventing endpoint computing for enterprise IoT and VDI. Their cutting edge, Linux-based solution, NoTouch, is hardware-agnostic and runs on the Raspberry Pi.


About NoTouch Desktop
Stratodesk thin client OS

Inuvika and Stratodesk combine to provide a robust endpoint solution for accessing OVD virtualized applications and shared desktops on any NoTouch device.

Inuvika Enterprise Desktop Client running in Windows and Linux desktop mode on a ClearCube C3Pi Raspberry Pi thin client with NoTouch OS.

The Inuvika Enterprise Desktop Client (EDC) is preinstalled on Stratodesk NoTouch Desktop. It provides a rich desktop and application experience on low-cost devices, including Raspberry Pi. Users can leverage powerful alternatives to PCs without sacrificing the ability to access business-critical Windows or Linux applications.
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