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Comprehensive Security

OVD Enterprise takes a robust approach to data security and providing secure remote access.

OVD Enterprise Air Locks Your Apps and Data

At the heart of OVD's security is the centralization of apps and data within your cloud data center. Storage and processing of data remain safely stored on your servers. Since no data is ever transferred to end user devices, your data remains protected from both physical theft and cyber theft.

We call it "Air Locking" and it creates a safe virtual workspace that users can access from anywhere, on any device.

Secure Remote Access to Apps and Data

OVD Enterprise includes a standard set of features to secure remote access to apps and data

no matter where you are, or which device you use.

Secure Remote Access Gateway

Inuvika's Enterprise Secure Gateway provides instant remote access without the need for VPNs or custom security ports.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication provides an extra layer of security for users using your mobile phone, corporate email, or USB Secure Keys.

Modern Encryption

OVD uses modern TLS encryption to ensure that all session communications remain secure between OVD servers and the user device.

Granular User Rights Control

Implement user policies that determine who has access to data, and what may be done with it.

Password Management & Expiry Detection

Self-manage passwords and 2FA settings using the new OVD Security portal. Place time limits on passwords and OVD will notify users when it's time to update them.

Smartcard Support

OVD is compatible with smart card and biometric devices supported by Windows applications.

Enterprise Secure Gateway

Enable remote access without the hassles of managing a VPN.

Encrypted Connections. Inuvika's Enterprise Secure Gateway uses modern TLS encryption to secure the connection between the user and the OVD Enterprise environment.

Connectivity Without a VPN. The ESG provides a secure remote connection without the need for deploying a VPN.

Included with OVD. The ESG is included as part of your OVD Enterprise subscription. There are no additional hidden fees or bandwidth charges that you'll need to manage.

Integrated Two-Factor Authentication

A little extra security goes a long way.

Integrated. Implement an extra layer of security designed to ensure that you're the only one who can access your OVD account, even if someone else knows your password.

Options for Authentication. Authenticate using the Inuvika Authenticator App for iOS and Android mobile devices, One-Time Passwords sent to the user's email, or by using physical Secure Keys.

Third Party Support. OVD also provides support for optional third party SAML2 solution providers, with native support for Duo and other solutions like Watchguard and Okta

User Rights Control

Enforce user policies that assign individual or group level permissions for various tasks.

Granular User Policies. Define who has access to data and what they may do with it, including downloading of files, USB device connectivity, cut/paste, print privileges, and more.

Managed Centrally. Manage user settings and restrictions applicable to users in OVD Web Admin console for quick and easy access.

user policies secure remote access

Password Management

Give users the ability to self-manage passwords.

Self-Service Security. Users can self-manage their own passwords and 2FA settings using the OVD Security Portal. Simply access the portal from your OVD login window to update your password without placing a help desk call.

Password Expiry Detection. Keep user passwords current by mandating password expiry as part of your organizational policies. Place a time limit on passwords and OVD will notify users when it's time to update their passwords.

Enforce Compliance Standards. Maintain strong security compliance standards and ensure your envrionment remains safe from external threats.