Multi-tenancy Support for App Virtualization | Inuvika OVD Enterprise


• Deliver new services faster
• Consolidate resources and improve efficiency
• Secure corporate data
• Streamline management

What's New in OVD 2.7 multi-tenancy support

Multi-Tenancy in OVD Enterprise

IT departments can deliver virtualized app and desktop services to multiple, isolated organizations using a single installation of OVD Enterprise.

Ideal for:

  • Managed Services Providers who offer Desktop-as-a-Service.
  • Enterprises with branch offices or sub-divisions.
  • Educational institutions and school boards with multiple campuses or separate user groups.
  • Government and public sector institutions with independent departments.

Deliver New Services Faster

Multi-tenancy is already included in OVD Enterprise. There are no extra modules to purchase or install. Set-up is also remarkably easy. A single click is all it takes to activate multi-tenancy. A few more clicks and you can assign resources to new tenants quickly and easily.

  • Allocate tenant resources and adjust them as needed.
  • Provide fully-managed or dedicated resources like application, file and directory servers.
  • Assign unique URLs to each organization.

Improve Efficiency

Multi-tenancy in OVD makes consolidation and sharing of resources for app virtualization cost-effective and straightforward. Use one installation of OVD to deliver virtualized app and desktop services across multiple domains, and eliminate the need for duplicate installations.

  • Maximize use of IT resources and improve efficiencies.
  • Lower overhead costs.
  • Deliver tailored services to multiple organizations or divisions.

Data Security

OVD secures corporate data by isolating tenant sites from one another. No data is ever shared between tenants, ensuring data privacy is preserved. Additional granular user policies provide even greater control over access rights on the tenant level itself.

  • Share resources without impacting security.
  • Manage user privileges on multiple levels.
  • Robust reporting and auditing tools provide insights into resource use by level.

Streamlined Management

Administrators can manage multiple tenants from OVD's centralized Web Admin Console, reducing maintenance and management complexity. Global Administrators can also delegate privileges to Sub-Administrators within each tenant.

  • Save time and lower management costs.
  • Manage one shared environment, not multiple environments.
  • Supports both Global and delegated Sub-Administrator privileges.