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Today’s education institutions are faced with a growing need to support remote learning and deliver programs in new, innovative ways.  Easier access to information, along with seamless collaboration beyond the classroom, create new opportunities for instructors to teach, and students to learn.
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Virtual Workspaces In Learning

OVD Enterprise creates a foundation for remote learning using virtual workspaces.  It is an integrated virtualized application and desktop delivery platform that gives institutions the ability to implement IT-based learning services while also lowering costs.

OVD centralizes Windows and Linux apps and files together and presents them to users within a familiar desktop interface or Web portal.  Regardless of whether users are on or off-campus, they can access their files and apps from any device, at any time, without the need for a VPN.

Simplify App Management to Lower Costs
Move Apps to the Cloud and Accelerate Delivery
Safeguard Data
Secure Remote Access

Learn on Any Device

OVD enables on-demand access to resources and learning applications on any device including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebook, thin clients, and any HTML5 Web browser.

No matter where staff and students work, or which devices they use, they will always have access to their apps, files, and group projects.

Case Study: Université catholique de Louvain >

Empower Collaborative Research

Keep sensitive data safe while providing collaborative virtual workspaces for both local and remote research staff. OVD Enterprise isolates applications and data within your cloud data center, ensuring no data ever leaves its secure confines. Since no user data is transmitted to endpoint devices, research institutions can mitigate the risk of data loss and manage regulatory compliance.

Case Study: University of Exeter >

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Streamline PC management and reduce the cost of supporting traditional desktops by centralizing application delivery with OVD. Provision apps from a central console and reduce the need for support resources in the field. With the added flexibility of using low-cost devices like Raspberry Pi thin clients and Chromebook, education institutions can uncover and repurpose new savings.

Case Study: Namibia University of Science & Technology >

Our Education Customers Include:

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Namibia University Inuvika OVD Enterprise customer
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Learn About OVD Enterprise

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