Lower your costs by 50% in your virtual desktop environment

How Virtual Desktop Environments are Redefining Application Delivery

How Inuvika OVD Enterprise reduces the cost of delivering apps in your virtual desktop environment

Whitepaper by Peter von Oven

Digital Workspace Consultant and SME and author of (2024) “Learning VMware Workstation Pro” , New York: Apress

VDI vs App Virtualization

The way in which we work today has changed. That change was always coming. Slowly but surely, we were headed in the direction of working from wherever we chose to work from and using a multitude of different devices. Then the unthinkable happened. We found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic. Covid had hit!

With almost the entire world’s population being sent home to work overnight, organizations, from corporate enterprises, schools, colleges or even healthcare all had one thing in common. They had to accelerate their remote working capabilities in order to survive and to continue delivering services to their customers or their students.

Organizations had to provide remote services to satisfy their two most important assets: people and data. Data is king in any organization. So, how do you now deliver that data to the people that need it? And how do you provide them with the applications they need to work with that data?

We have, for years, often jokingly, talked about it being the year of the virtual desktop, or the year of VDI. Instead, we now talk about the digital workplace or digital workspace, end-user computing, or digital experience.

Put simply, these all equate to one thing: People enablement. Enabling employees, students, and customers alike (the people) to have access to data and apps. That’s it!

No more, no less. However, the reality is that the old way of delivering this through VDI or VPNs was complex. But it doesn’t have to be.

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