Turbulence in the Virtualization Sector Paves the Way for Virtual Desktop Alternatives Like Inuvika - Inuvika
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Turbulence in the Virtualization Sector Paves the Way for Virtual Desktop Alternatives Like Inuvika

Huge changes in the cloud computing and virtual desktop sector are opening new opportunities for companies to serve clients that need alternatives to the big, industry-leading providers.

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – October 16, 2023) – As global businesses embrace the digital age and adapt to the hybrid work environment, cloud computing, virtual desktops, and desktop as a service (DaaS) have become essential tools. However, a recent seismic shift in the industry saw two major players swallowed up in merger transactions, leaving a cloud of uncertainty hanging over industry experts and users alike. The industry is abuzz with questions about its future and how it will affect the countless organizations reliant on its products.

This uncertainty has focused attention on a burgeoning market for alternative desktop virtualization software that can deliver cost-effective solutions with comparable functionality and uncompromised security. One such emerging alternative is Inuvika, which seeks to deliver virtualized apps and desktops to any device at 50% of the cost of other virtual desktop software competitors through its Inuvika OVD Enterprise product.

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Inuvika, which was co-founded in 2014 by company CEO, Kevin Gallagher, takes its name from the town of Inuvik in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, the town’s harsh climate requires residents to have a strong community and a collaborative spirit in order to thrive.

According to Gallagher, who was a corporate lawyer during the dot-com boom in the 1990s and later a VP at one of the world’s largest auto parts manufacturers, Inuvika was born out of a small tech startup in Northern France, called Ulteo. This startup, which was working on virtualization projects, was having financial issues, and Gallagher and his co-founders recruited the key former employees in 2014. It took around three years until Inuvika came out with its initial enterprise product, and it received investment from a major mutual funds company in the US.

Inuvika first found success in the Southern Hemisphere and in emerging markets, where customers were looking for more cost-effective alternative solutions to the big enterprise virtual desktop software companies. “We built a product that can be installed in hours rather than days. We have easier admin that can be managed by IT staff who may not have the technical skills required for alternative VDI products,” Gallagher says. “We lowered the price and we made ourselves very competitive. We began getting larger enterprise names in the Southern Hemisphere where customers were more willing to take a chance on a new company. And we’ve been gradually moving back to the Northern Hemisphere over the past four to five years.”

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Kevin Gallagher, CEO and Co-Founder of Inuvika

One of Inuvika’s recent partners is Miami based Virtex, a group of virtualization technology experts focused on the Latin-American and the Caribbean markets. Juan Manuel Gomez, when asked why they chose to work with Inuvika over other products said “Inuvika’s architecture, based on Linux, makes it more cost-effective than its competitors, and the unified solution and management add simplicity for the IT teams.”

Inuvika’s OVD Enterprise boasts fast deployment, in as little as an hour, and integration with today’s existing datacenter standards. It has an option for on-premises or as-a-service operation, leveraging Inuvika’s global network of Managed Services Provider partners. Another major benefit of OVD Enterprise is its lower total cost of ownership, which can be up to 50% lower than mainstream competitors. Because it is a Linux-based platform, it requires fewer Microsoft licenses, but can still deliver Windows and Linux apps to any device. On-premises installations of OVD require less infrastructure overhead compared to other solutions. That means less hardware to purchase, manage and maintain.

Inuvika’s current plans include further expansion in the US market by providing a secure and reliable alternative to the mainstream and more expensive virtual apps and desktop software and DaaS platforms. It is also looking to grow its team by bringing in additional talent, including those who have been affected by the massive upheaval in the industry.

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