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OVD Enterprise 2.6

New Data Privacy Management.
Enhanced Security.
Improved Audio Experience.

Deliver virtualized Apps and desktops to any device

What's New in OVD Enterprise 2.6

OVD 2.6 delivers an improved audio communication experience for users, enhances encryption security, and adds new user data privacy management features that help organizations address GDPR compliance.

If you are a current subscriber to OVD Enterprise, read the 2.6 Release Notes to learn how to upgrade.

GDRP Compliance

OVD 2.6 adds new data privacy management features that help organizations address GDPR requirements regarding user data collection, reporting, deletion and security.

  • Generate summary reports by individual user outlining information collected related to their OVD account and session history.
  • Quickly respond to requests to delete user data.
  • Passwords are secured using state-of-the-art hash and cipher technologies.

Improved Audio Experience

OVD Enterprise 2.6 unifies microphone redirection support across client devices and HTML5 Web browsers. It also adds new support for Linux apps.

  • Audio microphone recording support for Linux and Windows applications, including Microsoft Skype.
  • Works with OVD EDC and EMC native client devices and HTML5 web browsers.
  • High performance audio playback delivers clear sound.
    Compatible with internal and external USB recording devices.

Enhanced Security

OVD 2.6 uses the latest Network Layer Authentication (NLA) encryption for Windows application and desktop sessions.  In addition, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypts Linux application and desktop sessions, providing the most up-to-date session security regardless of which apps or desktops you use.

"Inuvika’s OVD enables us to support the Windows and Linux app requirements of our research environment while being able to ‘airlock’ the project data securely within our datacentres."

David Brown, Head of Informatics Infrastructure, Genomics England Ltd.

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