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OVD Enterprise

Application Virtualization Made Easy.

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Application virtualization shouldn't be complicated or costly.  OVD Enterprise provides a cost-effective alternative to
Citrix and VMware without the hassles.
OVD Web Portal Mode on Chrome browser

Windows and Linux Apps and Shared Desktops

Move your business-critical Windows and Linux applications into the cloud and deliver them securely to any device, anywhere for half the cost of other solutions.

OVD Enterprise delivers virtual workspaces with a PC look-and-feel using Windows or Linux shared desktops on any device or HTML5 Web browser.

Use Windows and Linux applications together at the same time, without the need for separate user sessions.  You can even use multiple versions of the same application.

Your Alternative to Citrix

OVD is the ideal alternative to Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly XenApp.) 
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Fast and Flexible Deployment

OVD needs less hardware overhead to purchase and manage.  Its modern Linux-based design installs in minutes, not days, so you won't have to deal with expensive consultants and longterm engagements.

It also works with today's leading Enterprise standards, including any hypervisor, external network storage, and LDAP or Active Directory service. You can even deploy it on leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or AWS.


If on-premise isn't your sort of thing, OVD Enterprise Cloud is available as-a-service through Inuvika's global network of Hosted Services partners.
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Rich User Experience

If you hate slow logins, frozen sessions, and long app launches, you’re going to love OVD Enterprise.

OVD user sessions start in seconds and applications launch almost instantly, providing a fast and rich user experience on any device, including macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Raspberry Pi thin clients.  You can even access your apps and desktops through any HTML5 browser.

Experience Apps in New Ways
  • Desktop Mode delivers a shared Linux or Windows desktop pre-populated with applications.
  • Application Mode publishes apps seamlessly onto your own desktop and Start menu.  Apps look and behave as though they are installed locally on your device.
  • Portal Mode presents applications in a Web portal with an intuitive file management interface.
OVD Enterprise Web Admin Console

Unified Management

Inuvika makes management easy with a single Web-based administration console that lets you manage every aspect of your OVD environment.

Manage servers, applications, users, and tenants from a central console without having to switch back-and-forth between different management tools.

Delegated administration support lets you assign Sub Administrators to manage one or more tenants or other areas of OVD Enterprise.

Granular user policies control who has access to data and what users may do with it. Together with OVD's auditing and reporting tools, IT departments can monitor and address data security compliance.

> New in OVD Enterprise 2.8

Send actionable alerts to users with OVD Messaging.

Multi-Tenant Ready

OVD deploys across multiple domains without having to manage dedicated installations.

Set-up is remarkably easy. A single click is all it takes to activate multi-tenancy mode. A few more clicks, and you can begin assigning shared or dedicated resources to new tenants quickly and easily.

Maintain Tenant Data Privacy

OVD secures data by isolating tenant sites from one another. No data is ever shared between tenants, ensuring complete privacy. Additional user policy management capabilities provide added control over user permissions within the tenant itself.

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Learn about Multi-Tenancy and how it works.

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