OVD Enteprise adds support for Watchguard's multi-factor authentication
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OVD Enterprise Supports WatchGuard’s AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication

Inuvika has been working closely with WatchGuard to integrate OVD Enterprise with AuthPoint, WatchGuard’s unique multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution.  OVD Enterprise joins a growing ecosystem of third-party solution integrations that leverage AuthPoint’s ability to provide comprehensive identity and access protection for cloud applications, web, and network services.

Security is a major driver in organizations considering application virtualization.  OVD already protects important corporate data by centralizing it within an organization’s cloud data center.  However, conventional single-password methods for accessing even the most protected of environments can still lead to data theft.

OVD Enterprise with Multi-Factor Authentication

Adding a multi-factor authentication layer provides added security for that important first point of access.

Using OVD’s native support of SAML, an OVD Enterprise environment can be set up with external multi-factor authentication using AuthPoint as the external identity provider.  The combined solution provides an additional level of security for employees who access and process sensitive corporate data through OVD Enterprise.

Inuvika’s Director of Sales Engineering, Alex Perkins: “Being able to integrate OVD with Watchguard AuthPoint is another great way we are extending our interoperability with external solution providers. This is a well-respected product that provides a polished way for companies to easily add a SAML-compliant MFA solution into OVD Enterprise.”

To learn more about setting-up OVD Enterprise for AuthPoint, read Watchguard’s integration guide .

Learn more about AuthPoint: https://www.watchguard.com/wgrd-partners/tech-partner-ecosystem/authpoint