OVD Enterprise
Features and

Flexible, Feature-Rich Delivery
of Apps to Any Device

Supports Windows, Linux, macOS, Chromebook *, iOS and Android devices through native clients. Client-less Web access supported through HTML5 browsers.

Apps can be seamlessly integrated into the local desktop start menu and behave as though they were installed and running locally.

"Follow Me" session roaming lets users disconnect from one device, reconnect from another, and continue their work.

Local printer redirection and client-less Web print capabilities included.

In-Session Screen Resizing adjusts the session desktop to match the user's client or browser window setting.

High performance audio recording and playback support for Windows and Linux applications.

OVD Enterprise 2.6 gives IT departments the freedom to deploy BYOD and mixed platform strategies. Users can securely access Windows or Linux applications and desktops from any device, including Chromebook *.


Manage servers, users, and applications from a single Web-based console.

Built-in Software License Management provides app allocation, usage and compliance monitoring from the Administration console.

Integrated logging, auditing, and system reporting features provides quick feedback to system administrators.

Proactive system alerts can be set and emailed to administrators for out-of-office monitoring.

New GDPR compliance features, including reporting and deletion of user data.

Manage every aspect of your OVD environment from a single Web-based administration console. It's management made easy!

Built for the Enterprise

Works with today’s enterprise standards:

  • Any LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, or Novell directory service
  • Any hypervisor, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer, KVM, and Nutanix AHV
  • Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 R2/2016 with Remote Desktop Services
  • Ubuntu 16 LTS Linux
  • Certified for Red Hat EL 7.x and Nutanix Ready AHV for the Enterprise Cloud Platform

Supports deployment through Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Intelligent load balancing optimizes performance and scalability for changing workload conditions.

Includes integrated File Server with ability to leverage existing NAS/SAN storage.

OVD's streamlined design enables rapid deployment and requires fewer hardware resources to manage. It works with today's leading enterprise standards and delivers maximum performance and scalability.


"Air Locking" ensures data processing remains safely secured on the application server. Only encrypted key strokes and screen data are transmitted over the network, preventing data leakage from taking place.

Granular management of user privileges on a group or individual level controls permissions such as clipboard copy/paste, printing, local download and file access.

TLS/NLA session encryption.

SAML Single Sign-On support.

Uses existing port 443 for remote access; no proprietary ports are needed.

OVD Enterprise provides a secure platform with advanced encryption, smart card support, and user privilege management that controls access to corporate data.