10ZiG and Inuvika - Thin Client and Virtual Desktop Solution
Thin Clients: Unleash Efficiency and Slash Costs with 10ZiG Thin Clients and Inuvika OVD Enterprise. Webinar invitation.

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How to Revolutionize Your App and Desktop Delivery

Unleash Efficiency and Slash Costs with 10ZiG Thin Clients and Inuvika OVD Enterprise

Inuvika and 10ZiG have created an end-to-end solution for virtual desktop environments that challenges conventional solutions like Citrix and VMware while also lowering the cost of ownership.

Inuvika OVD Enterprise is now supported by 10ZiG’s innovative thin client OS and devices, creating new, centrally managed endpoint solutions for accessing virtual desktop environments. 10ZiG’s solutions provide security, centralized management, and an optimized user experience that, when combined with OVD Enterprise, deliver a powerful alternative to traditional VDI and DaaS solutions.

The Thin Client Advantage for Virtual Desktop Environments

Thin clients offer attractive benefits for businesses looking to deploy virtual desktops and apps in a more secure, manageable, and cost-effective way.


Thin clients are generally less expensive than traditional desktops because they have fewer hardware components and use non-traditional OSes like Windows, which avoids expensive licensing costs. They use less power and require less maintenance, further reducing costs.  In addition, 10ZiG offers RepurpOS,  free repurposing software that lets you convert your older, low-powered PCs into fully purpose-built thin clients, along with all the benefits. This allows you to extend the life of older hardware that is underpowered to run modern applications but more than capable of operating as thin clients to access virtual desktop environments.

Simplified Management

Since all application processing takes place on a central server, IT departments can easily deploy updates, manage applications, and troubleshoot issues from a centralized location. This reduces the burden on IT staff and keeps user devices running smoothly.

Better Security

Like application processing, application data is never transmitted to the thin client itself but instead resides on the secure server. This makes it more difficult for unauthorized users or hackers to access sensitive information, even if the device is lost or stolen. Additionally, since applications are streamed, there’s less risk of malware infecting user end-point devices.

Better Reliability

Thin clients have fewer moving parts and rely on the server for processing power. This reduces the likelihood of hardware failure on the client side. If a thin client does malfunction, it can be easily replaced without any loss of data or applications.

Reduced Power Consumption

Because thin clients require minimal processing power, they consume less energy than traditional desktops. This can lead to significant operational cost savings and contribute to a greener IT footprint.

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