Painless Application Virtualisation with T-Systems and Inuvika - Inuvika

Painless Application Virtualisation with T-Systems and Inuvika

T-systems Painless Application Virtualisation

Painless Application Virtualisation

Join our webinar – 4 May 2020 at 11am (SAST)

As part of their Business Continuity Campaign, T-Systems South Africa has launched the “Work from Anywhere” campaign, enabling remote productivity using virtualization, which will highlight the ability to work using any device, from anywhere in a secure, affordable, fast and manageable manner. The overall theme is The Need for Business Continuity.

The CIO leadership team is uniquely positioned to leverage best practices and technologies to not only provide business stability during a crisis such as COVID-19 but also transform the way employees work and adapt to future disruptions.

Their campaign will be underscored by a webinar, aimed at every organization, that seeks best practice, latest knowledge, and know-how in mitigating and establishing a new way to work.

The webinar will address Remote Productivity Using Virtualisation through a LIVE Demo of Inuvika OVD Enterprise.

Date & Time:  Thursday 14 May @ 11am (South Africa Standard Time)

To participate in the webinar, please register here>>