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Healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, and long-term care rely on reliable access to information to ensure optimal patient care.
The challenge is meeting this goal while addressing the need for staff mobility, high patient data privacy, and the ability to work within tight budgets.
Inuvika has the solution.

OVD Enterprise: A Secure Virtual Workspace Solution for Healthcare

Inuvika OVD Enterprise creates secure virtual workspace environments that connect health professionals to applications and patient information regardless of where they are or which device they use. It combines secure data access with mobility, letting practitioners make fast and informed decisions that result in better patient care.

OVD centralizes Windows and Linux apps and data and delivers them to users within a familiar desktop or Web portal interface.  Regardless of whether staff are roaming the hospital floor, or working offsite, they still have real-time access to healthcare applications and information.

Best of all, Inuvika healthcare solutions are up to half the cost of other solutions, helping IT departments lower costs and maximize their budgets.

Features at a Glance

Apps and Desktops

  • Use familiar Windows and Linux apps and desktops on any device
  • Native client and HTML5 Web browser support
  • Access apps through a desktop, intuitive Web portal, or integrated into your local desktop

Remote Access Connectivity

  • Integrated remote access gateway provides secure remote connectivity without a VPN
  • Follow Me roaming lets staff quickly transfer between devices while maintaining their active work session
  • Connect multiple clinics together in one virtual envrionment, or isolate them as separate tenants


  • Data Air Locking centralizes and protects sensitive patient data
  • Comprehensive user rights management
  • Advanced TLS encryption and Two-Factor Authentication
  • Premium USB redirection with support for biometric security devices, barcode scanners and more

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • A single Web-based management console lets Admins control every aspect of OVD from one location
  • OVD Messaging and User Shadowing lets IT troubleshoot and resolve problems remotely, reducing field support costs.
  • OVD is sold as an OPEX-based subscription plan and is up to half the cost of Citrix and VMware

Exceptional User Experience

Healthcare providers are always on the move within their clinics or hospitals. They need secure access to patient information at any time without having to search for an available workstation.

OVD Enterprise delivers an exceptional cloud workspace experience on any device, including laptops, iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi thin clients.

OVD's "Follow Me" session roaming lets staff connect to patient information on shared workstation terminals one minute, then seamlessly transfer over to another device like their mobile tablet or phone without losing their work.

Sessions and apps launch quickly, and you can use the same familiar desktop environment as you move between devices.

Connected Clinics and Teams

With remote work now the norm, healthcare providers and distributed researcher teams can access virtual workspace environments through the Inuvika Enterprise Secure Gateway.

OVD makes it easy to connect multiple clinics without implementing VPNs. You can build secure virtual environments for data access and research collaboration, complete with user rights management to manage access privileges.

Case Study: Canadian Health Systems >


Promoting IT mobility doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice security. OVD safeguards patient information without complicating accessibility.

"Air Locking" centralizes apps and data within the confines of your cloud data center. Storage and processing of data remains safely secure on your server and never reside on endpoint devices. Since no data is ever transferred to devices, data is protected from physical theft and cybertheft.

Administrators can also implement different levels of user access rights based on individual, or group-level needs.

Case Study: Genomics England >

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Managing PC infrastructure can be costly and time-consuming. Those costs grow quickly if you support multiple locations or remote workers. OVD Enterprise can reduce the cost of supporting your PC infrastructure by centralizing management and support of your applications and data.

You can also implement lower-cost devices like Raspberry Pi thin clients, which can also be managed centrally, further reducing field support costs.

OVD Enterprise installs quickly, requires less hardware infrastructure and can be implemented for up to half the costs of other solutions. OVD is also available as a service from our network of managed service provider partners, so you can focus on managing your practice, not technology.

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Learn About OVD Enterprise

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