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Citrix Alternative: Inuvika’s Virtualized Apps and Desktops

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Inuvika OVD Enterprise is a cost-effective Citrix alternative.

It delivers virtualized Windows and Linux apps and desktops to any device while an easy-to-use admin console makes it easy for administrators.

Features at a Glance

Apps and Desktops

Deliver Windows and Linux applications and shared desktops to any device, including Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops; iOS and Android mobile devices; Chromebook; Raspberry Pi thin clients; and clientless HTML5 browser devices.

Unified Management

Manage users, apps, servers, and tenants from a single Web-based console.


Deliver services to multiple tenant domains from one installation of OVD Enterprise.

Fast and Flexible Deployment

OVD Enterprise can be up and running in hours, not days. You can deploy it in your own datacenter or on leading public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Rich User Experience

If you hate slow log-ins and frozen sessions, you're going to love OVD. Apps and sessions launch in seconds, so your users can be up and running quickly.

Lower Cost of Ownership

OVD Enterprise can be deployed for less than half the cost of Citrix or VMware Horizon.

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Compare Inuvika to Citrix

Inuvika OVD Enterprise

Citrix Virtual Apps

Effortless Windows and Linux Application Publishing
Deliver Windows and Linux applications and shared desktops to any device, including Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops; iOS and Android mobile devices; Chromebook; Raspberry Pi thin clients; and clientless HTML5 browser devices.

Automated application discovery and fast publishing of apps through the Web management console. Requires additional steps and manual configuration.
Publish and use Windows and Linux apps together at the same time within a single user interface. Limited. Linux support requires significant setup and configuration. Using Windows and Linux apps side-by-side is not seamless and requires sessions within sessions.
Fast Installation and Set-up
Installs in hours or less with no need for costly certified consultants. Lengthy and complex. Often requires certified professionals to install, configure, and operate.
Easy Management
Manage servers, users, tenants, and applications from a single Web-based management console. Requires multiple consoles to learn and coordinate.
Great User Experience
Publish apps by user or group type and access them within a familiar desktop, intuitive Web portal, or via App Mode, the most natural way to integrate and work with virtual apps and files on your local desktop. Apps and files are presented individually within a tiled interface or shared desktop. Restricting apps by user or group within a desktop generally requires VDI, which increases cost and complexity.
Integrated two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for the user. Supported via third-party solution providers, which adds costs.
Granular-level user policies can be easily configured in the OVD Admin console. Configuring user policies is more detailed and complex.
Multi-Tenancy Support
Share one instance of OVD across multiple domains while maintaining individual tenant data privacy. Multi-tenancy configuration is more complex and requires duplication of resources.
Secure Remote Access
OVD includes the Enterprise Secure Gateway which uses standard Web ports to provide secure remote access with no hidden costs. Requires Netscaler at significant additional cost.
Exceptional HTML5 Web Browser Experience
Access applications and shared desktops from HTML5 Web browsers. Supported, but the native client is favoured as the access method.
Includes secure remote access services for off-site users. Requires additional components.
Straightforward Licensing
Sold as a 12, 36 or 60-month subscription plan based on concurrent users. Features are all-inclusive with no hidden fees. Available in multiple editions with varying features, extra options, and price points.
Deploys on Linux backend allowing you to reduce Microsoft licensing costs. Fewer Windows server licenses and no SQL server license. On-premises deployments require an all-Microsoft Windows backend.
Our secure gateway is included. Need to purchase Netscaler separately.
Save more than 50% compared to Citrix. Higher cost and complexity; licensing cost varies by edition.
  • Based on a comparison of features advertised by the vendors as of December 2021.  Subject to change without notice.

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OVD Enterprise is one of the top alternatives to Citrix. Lower your costs and deliver a great experience.

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