Citrix Alternative - Inuvika provides an affordable alternative to Citrix

Citrix Alternative: Simplify Application Delivery and Reduce Costs

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OVD Enterprise is a cost-effective alternative to Citrix for delivering virtualized Windows and Linux
apps to any device.

The Ideal Alternative to Citrix

OVD Enterprise is the solution for customers who want an easier, cost-effective alternative to Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly XenApp.)

OVD delivers Windows and Linux applications and shared desktops to any device.  You'll benefit from the same security, device compatibility and user mobility, but without the cost and complexity.

Is It Time to Move On and Consider Alternatives to Citrix?

Let's face it, not every organization can afford the cost or effort to implement Citrix.  They need an alternative. That’s why they call us.

Inuvika makes app virtualization easy with a modern, streamlined platform that deploys quickly, works with today's IT standards, provides a great user experience, and is easy to manage.

No Extras Needed

OVD Enterprise comes complete in an all-in-one yearly subscription that's simple to understand and predictable for budget planning.

Features like multi-tenancy, print, load balancing, and remote access gateways are included right out of the box.

At a Glance

Apps and Desktops

Deliver Windows or Linux apps and shared desktops to any device, including Chromebook, thin clients, and HTML5 Web browsers

Unified Management

Manage users, apps, servers, and tenants from a single Web-based console.


Deliver services to multiple tenant environments from one scalable installation of OVD Enterprise.

Fast and Flexible Deployment

OVD Enterprise can be up and running in as little as an hour, not days. You can deploy it in your own datacenter or on leading public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure.

Rich User Experience

If you hate slow log-ins and frozen sessions, you're going to love OVD. Apps and sessions launch in seconds, so your users can be up and running quickly.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Get OVD Enterprise up and running for up to half the cost of other solutions.

Compare Inuvika to Citrix

Deliver Windows and Linux applications and shared desktops to any device, including Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops; iOS and Android mobile devices; Chromebook; Raspberry Pi thin clients; and clientless HTML5 browser devices.

Deliver apps within a shared Windows or Linux desktop, seamlessly integrated into the user’s desktop and Start menu, or within an intuitive Web portal. Limited functionality based on device.
Inuvika OVD Enterprise

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops
(Formerly XenApp/XenDesktop)

Deployment and Set-up
Installs in hours or less with no need for costly certifications and training for staff. Lengthy and complex. Often requires certified professionals to install, configure, and operate.
Save on licensing fees. Deploys on Linux and works with any LDAP directory service or MS Active Directory. Deploys on Windows and requires MS Active Directory.
Works with any hypervisor, including KVM, Nutanix AHV, ESXi, Hyper-V and XenServer. Only works with select hypervisors.
Includes secure remote access services for off-site users. Requires additional components.
Effortless Application Publishing
Automated application discovery and fast publishing through the Web management console. Requires additional steps with manual configuration.
Easy Management
Manage servers, users, tenants, and applications from a single Web-based console. Requires multiple consoles and must be accessed via MMC on Windows.
Exceptional HTML5 Web Browser Experience
Access applications and shared desktops from HTML5 Web browsers. Native clients are recommended as the preferred access method.
Support for clientless Web browser printing included. Requires additional components.
Multi-Tenancy Support
Share one instance of OVD across multiple domains while maintaining individual tenant data privacy. Multi-tenancy configuration is very complex and requires duplication of resources. Privacy controls between tenants are limited.
Straightforward Licensing and Cost
Sold as a simple one, three or five-year OPEX subscription plan, with no costly upfront perpetual license fees. All product releases are included during the lifetime of your subscription. Varies based on product edition and features.
  • Based on a comparison of features advertised by vendors as of June 2020.  Subject to change without notice.

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OVD Enterprise is a lower-cost alternative
to Citrix. Try it.

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