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Are You Updating from OVD 2.3 or Earlier?

Inuvika introduced a new security component to OVD Subscription Keys as of version 2.4.

Existing subscribers of OVD 2.3 or earlier who wish to upgrade to a newer version must request replacement keys prior to updating their environment. There is no additional cost to you.

Contact your Inuvika Reseller partner to initiate a key replacement.  You will be required to generate and submit a Session Manager ID for your OVD environment.

If you are not currently working with an Inuvika Partner, submit the Request Form below, and include your Session Manager ID. An Inuvika representative will follow up with you.

How to Purchase a Subscription Key

Find an Inuvika Partner

OVD Enterprise is sold through a worldwide Reseller and Hosting Partner network. You may search for a partner in your area, or submit the form below to contact Inuvika for a partner referral.

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Evaluating OVD Enterprise?

Purchase a Subscription Key to unlock all features of OVD:

  • Increase the number of concurrent users
  • Connect additional application servers and access existing file storage systems
  • Enable secure remote access
  • Native client support for mobile devices and desktops
  • Generate application license and usage reports, and more!

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