Inuvika - Application Virtualization Software for Education

Application Virtualization for Education, the Smart Way

Inuvika reduces the cost and complexity of delivering virtualized apps to enhance the classroom and distance learning experience

Whitepaper by Peter von Oven

Digital Workspace Consultant and SME  and author of (2024) “Learning VMware Workstation Pro”, New York: Apress


Application Virtualization for Education: Introduction

Delivery of learning has significantly changed since the pandemic. Although digital-based learning was already having a huge impact on the way education is delivered today, the one core issue that remains is the static nature of its delivery.

Devices were, and still are, very much classroom-based. This means that students and teaching staff have full access to the range of educational applications in the physical classroom. However, having access from outside the classroom is still a challenge. This was highlighted even more so when schools, colleges, and universities across the world switched to remote learning.

Although most students and teaching staff had access to some form of connected device, though an online meeting platform that enabled them to participate in classroom activities, what they didn’t have was access to the applications that are used in the classroom.

So, the main challenge now is managing the cost and budgets for delivering information technology both inside and outside of the classroom.

In today’s connected world, there is even more pressure to deliver services given that students are now very tech-savvy when it comes to accessing apps and data.

Educational establishments also have to compete for students to be profitable. The ability to scale and to deliver modern technology platforms for learning will attract more students.

How do you deliver a better level of engagement for the overall learning experience with minimal budgets and fewer IT admin staff?

This solutions brief will discuss how Inuvika solves these challenges, cutting through both cost and complexity.

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