Our name is inspired by the small Canadian town of Inuvik, located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. In the local language, the name of the town translates as “place of man”. Average daily winter temperatures are -33 degrees Celsius and, for 30 days each year, the sun does not rise above the horizon. Here, the sense of community and a collaborative approach to living and governance takes on an importance unlike anywhere else.

Our product is open source. It is improved upon by the contributions of the community of users. This collaborative approach makes the product stronger and provides us with accelerated client adoption and feedback.

There simply could be no better name for our company and our approach to serving our community.

Our Executive Team
Kevin Gallagher
Chief Executive Officer
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Charles Gibson
Chief Financial Officer
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Julien Langlois
Chief Technology Officer
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Christian Partarrieu
Chief Sales Officer
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Edward Adlers
Director of Marketing
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David Pham-Van
Director of Development
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Alex Perkins
Director of Sales Engineering
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