OVD Release Notes 3.1.1 - Inuvika OVD Enteprise Major Release

OVD Release Notes 3.1.1 Summary

Note: The following is a summary of the OVD 3.1.1 Release Notes.
For detailed instructions on installing or upgrading to OVD 3.1.1, refer to the full Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com
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About OVD Enterprise 3.1.1

Inuvika OVD Enterprise 3.1.1 is a maintenance release that includes a number of fixes for OVD 3.1.  It includes maintenance fixes and multiple backend improvements that increase performance and improve stability.

What's New in OVD 3.1

Inuvika OVD Enterprise 3.1 adds enhanced support for connecting and redirecting USB devices, new options for passcode authentication when using Two-Factor Authentication, and various maintenance fixes.

For more details, please refer to the changelog at the bottom of the page.

Extended Two-Factor Authentication: Secure Keys and Email OTP

Administrators may now allow users to authenticate using One Time Passwords delivered to their email accounts or by using secure keys. The new options allow users to authenticate with 2FA even if they are unable to access the Inuvika Authenticator App on their smartphones.

Web Access Seamless Clipboard

Copy and paste from the Clipboard has been simplified when accessing OVD via a web browser.  The text transition area has been removed and users may now use the conventional keyboard shortcut combinations CTLR / CMD-C and CTRL / CMD-V when transferring clipboard information to and from the client and application server.  This feature requires that HTTPS be enabled and is currently limited to Chrome-based browsers.

Premium Device Redirection

OVD now supports a wide variety of USB devices by integrating with Fabulatech's USB for Remote Desktop.  Users can redirect any USB device when accessing remote Windows desktops and applications using Inuvika's Enterprise Desktop Client.

Additional Features:

  • Redirection does not require the installation of device drivers on the user's local machine
  • Auto-redirection of hot-plugged USB devices without the need for user interaction
  • Ability to dedicate specific USB ports for redirection, leaving the remaining ports for local use
  • Highly-secure redirection between the user's local device and the OVD Windows Application Server
  • Works with any USB device that is supported by remote Windows server/desktop environments

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2022

OVD 3.1.1 introduces support for Windows Server 2022 as well as supporting all Windows Server versions since, and including, 2012 R2.

End of support scheduled for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

OVD 3.1.x is the last version to support Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

End of support scheduled for CentOS

In the February 15, release notes for OVD Enterprise 3.1.0, Inuvika indicated that the 3.1.x releases would be the last to support CentOS Linux.

Inuvika has reversed this decision and has extended support for CentOS Linux to OVD Enterprise version 3.2.x. Support will now end after version 3.2.x.

New Installations

For new installations of Inuvika OVD 3.1.1, follow the instructions outlined in the Installation and Configuration Guide

Update an Existing OVD Farm

To update existing installations of Inuvika OVD to 3.1.1 follow the steps outlined in the full OVD 3.1.1 Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com.

OVD 3.1.1 Changelog

  • IVD-4384 - Unable to enter a new line in a Service Notice
  • IVD-4519 - HTTP message instabilities detected in the ESG when using the Admin API communication channel
  • IVD-4531 - Unable to configure SAML2 authentication in OVD 3.1.0
  • IVD-4545 - An error message is displayed on the server detail page of the Admin Console
  • IVD-4547 - Unable to extract the user's email address when users are configured with Active Directory
  • IVD-4548 - Error messages are displayed during OVD 3.1.0 installation on EL7
  • IVD-4552 - Unable to start a portal mode session in OVD 3.1.0 when the "use known drive" option is enabled
  • IVD-4560 - OFS service is unable to start if a Samba usershare remains from before
  • IVD-4569 - Unable to redirect disks or printers if audio playback is disabled
  • IVD-4591 - Invalid Google Chrome icon in the taskbar, the icon is blank
  • IVD-4602 - Unable to shadow a Windows session with OVD 3.1.0
  • IVD-4607 - Custom icons set in the Admin Console are not displayed on the desktop APS
  • IVD-4611 - Broken web link in the "Set Custom Icon" page of the Admin Console
  • IVD-4622 - The "Export to CSV" option from the Application Usage does not work
  • IVD-4628 - Unable to “Force Message Delivery” in OVD 3.1.0
  • IVD-4633 - OWA does not download new files when moved to the session's Download folder
  • IVD-4652 - OWA "Security Settings" option is unusable when password authentication is disabled
  • IVD-4675 - Unable to open a file from a shared folder with an external application
  • IVD-4675 - Unable to open a file from a shared folder with an external application
  • IVD-4694 - EDC does not set the local default printer as the default redirected printer on APS

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