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Application Virtualization Without the Pain

OVD Enterprise is a modern, flexible solution that deploys quickly, is easy to manage, and is half the cost of other solutions. We eliminate the cost and complexity that makes other app virtualization solutions expensive to own and difficult to manage.

Focus on App Productivity

Committing to a virtual desktop solution to deliver apps is far more trouble than it’s worth.  And it comes at a cost.  Isn’t the entire point to provide users with instant, trouble-free access to applications as opposed to dealing with the complexity, hassle and ongoing maintenance of VDI or other big solutions?

OVD Enterprise focuses on helping organizations move business-critical applications to the cloud and delivering a fast virtualized workspace experience to users. At the same time, you can reduce costs and realize new efficiencies.

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Features at a Glance

Inuvika provides an integrated platform that lets organizations deliver virtualized workspaces to users anywhere, on any device.
Windows and Linux Apps

Use Windows and Linux applications together on any device or HTML5 Web browser.

Shared Desktops

Deliver a Windows or Linux shared desktop to users on any device or HTML5 Web browser.

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Multi-Version App Support

Publish multiple versions of the same app to users.

Fast and Fluid

User sessions and applications launch in seconds.

Present Apps in New Ways

Deliver apps to users in a Windows or Linux shared desktop, integrated into the user's own local desktop, or through a Web portal.

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Use Any Device

Enable productivity on today's leading platforms and devices, including Raspberry Pi thin clients and Chromebook.

One Management Console

Manage every aspect of OVD - servers, apps, users, and tenants - from a single Web console.

Improve Data Security

Centralize your corporate data and implement granular user policies that control access to data and what a user may do with it.

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Gain Insights

A comprehensive set of auditing and reporting tools helps Administrators monitor resource usage and activity.

Multi-Domain Environments

Deploy one instance of OVD over multiple domains and leverage shared IT resources.

Maintain Tenant Data Privacy

Tenant isolation lets you share IT resources without impacting tenant data privacy.

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Easy Set-Up

A single click in the OVD Admin console is all it takes to activate multi-tenancy.

Private or Public Clouds

You can implement OVD on-site, or on leading public cloud platforms. It's your choice.


OVD works with today's leading enterprise datacenter standards, including any hypervisor and directory service.

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Maximize Your Budget

OVD's modern design uses less hardware infrastructure and doesn't require costly perpetual licenses.

Benefits of OVD Enterprise

OVD Enterprise lets organizations address common issues associated with traditional PC desktop infrastructure
Protect Corporate Data

Secure your corporate information by centralizing applications and data within your cloud data center.

Support BYOD

Deliver a rich virtual workspace experience to users on any device, including phones, tablets, and thin clients.

Remote Access and Workforce Mobility

Empower your employees to work securely from anywhere, on any device, without the need for VPNs.

Reduce IT Costs and Simplify Application Management

Find new efficiencies and lower IT costs by centralizing delivery and management of business-critical applications.

OVD Enterprise

On-Premises Solution

Deploy OVD Enterprise within your own cloud data center, or on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS.
OVD Enterprise integrates with your existing backend services and deploys in minutes, not days.
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OVD Enterprise Cloud

Applications as a Service

OVD Enterprise Cloud delivers virtualized apps and shared desktops as a service through Inuvika's network of Hosted Services Partners.
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