Our Product - Inuvika OVD is an alternative to Citrix and VMware

The big guys are now on notice. Apps to any device – simply, quickly, affordably.

Deploying complex virtualization solutions to get applications is like hitting a fly with a hammer.  It's overkill.  There's an easier option.

OVD Enterprise: App Virtualization Without Pain

In our customers’ experience, committing to a complete virtual desktop solution to deliver apps is far more trouble than it’s worth. That’s why they call us. After all, isn’t the entire point of virtualizing to enjoy instant, trouble-free delivery of apps, as opposed to the complexity, hassle and ongoing maintenance of full VDI desktops?

If you hate slow logins, frozen sessions and interminable app launches, you’re going to love us.

Simply stated, Inuvika's OVD Enterprise delivers virtualized Windows and Linux applications from private or public clouds to any connected device, anywhere, without the cost and complexity of VDI and other solutions.

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OVD Enterprise Benefits Quick Look

  • Apps to any Device.
    OVD Enterprise gives IT departments the freedom to deploy BYOD strategies without impacting access to business-critical applications. Users can securely access Windows or Linux apps and shared desktops on any device, including Chromebook and thin clients.
  • Easily Managed.
    Manage every aspect of your OVD environment from a single Web-based administration console. Couldn’t be easier.
  • Built for Enterprise.
    OVD's design deploys fast and requires less hardware to manage. It works with today's leading enterprise standards and delivers maximum performance and scalability
  • Secure.
    OVD Enterprise provides a secure delivery platform with advanced encryption, smart card support, and granular user rights management that controls access to data.
  • Cost of ownership.
    Get OVD Enterprise up and running for half the cost of typical solutions.

New in OVD 2.7 - OVD Enterprise 2.7 adds new support for multi-tenant environments.

An Alternative to Citrix and VMware

OVD Enterprise Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops (XenApp/XenDesktop) VMware Horizon/Horizon App
Seamlessly deliver Windows and Linux apps together on the same interface. Limited to Windows Only
Deliver hosted shared Windows and Linux desktops to any device or HTML5 browser. Linux via VDI only
Access apps on Windows, macOS and Linux desktops, iOS and Android mobile devices, and client-less HTML5 browser devices.
Deliver apps to a shared desktop, integrated into the user’s desktop start menu, published in Kiosk or Web portal.
Manage servers, users and applications through a single Web-based administration console. Requires Multiple Consoles Requires Multiple Consoles
Supports client-less Web browser printing. Requires Add On Module No Support For Client-less Browsers
Granular policy management of group or individual user privileges, including cut/paste, printing, sesssion disconnect and storage access. Managed Through MS Active Directory Group Policy
OVD Web Access server provides secure access to users outside the corporate firewall via HTML5 clients.
Supports deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Limited. MS Azure Supported On Horizon Cloud Edition
Works with any hypervisor, including KVM, Nutanix AHV, ESXi, Hyper-V and XenServer. Supports XenServer, Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV and ESXi Limited To ESXi
Works with any directory such as MS Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or Open LDAP-compatible services. Microsoft Active Directory Only Microsoft Active Directory Only
OVD is sold as a simple, all-inclusive one, three or five-year OPEX subscription plan, with no costly upfront perpetual license fees. Citrix solutions feature costly upfront perpetual license fees VMware solutions feature costly upfront perpetual license fees

There’s no catch.
OVD Enterprise delivers a virtualized App solution for half the cost of Citrix or VMware. Period.

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