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Baixo custo de propriedade

Save up to half the cost of other solutions.

OVD Enterprise Makes Financial Sense

Lower cost ownership by centralizing delivery and management of business-critical applications through OVD Enterprise.
Affordable Alternative to Citrix and VMware (Omnissa)

Save up to half the cost of other solutions with a simple, all-inclusive subscription license model.

Simple Subscription Licensing

OVD is available as a 100% OPEX subscription program that is all-inclusive, with no hidden fees. Subscriptions are on a concurrent user basis over 1, 3, or 5 year periods. Replacing expiring perpetual licenses like Citrix XenApp can result in considerable savings over a move to a current Citrix product.

Reduce Third Party Licensing Fees

Unlike other solutions that require an all-Microsoft backend infrastructure, OVD deploys on Linux and works with other open standards like LDAP directory services.

OVD delivers a lower cost of ownership; financial manager

Create New Efficiencies

Centralize Management and Support

Provide remote support to users through the Web management console. Update applications and publish them simultaneously to every user from the comfort of your own desk.

Lower PC Device Costs

Leverage lower-cost devices like Raspberry Pi thin clients, Google Chromebook and others.

You can also extend the life of older, underpowered PC devices by repurposing them into thin clients.

Manage Less Hardware

On-premises installations of OVD require less hardware overhead compared to other solutions. That means less hardware to purchase and manage.

" In the past, we used six technicians over two days to perform desktop maintenance and software updates in a student lab... After moving to OVD, application updates are now done centrally and made available for use right away... Now we use one Level 1 technician to troubleshoot basic issues, while other more resource-intensive tasks have been centralized and dramatically simplified.”
- Manager of ICT Services, Namibia University of Science and Technology
Stratodesk Inuvika partner integration

Learn how Namibia University of Science and Technology lowered support costs by implementing OVD Enterprise and Raspberry Pi thin clients for their campus student labs.

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