Inuvika Enterprise Client V2 Beta Release - Inuvika

Inuvika Enterprise Client V2 Beta Release

Inuvika has released the Enterprise Desktop Client (EDC) for beta testing.

The latest EDC introduces new capabilities such as bi-directional audio and performance improvements for Windows RDSH hosted applications. Through the support of Microsoft RemoteFX, the new client delivers advanced coding and graphics virtualization.  With dynamic adaptation to various runtime conditions, such as graphic content types; CPU and network bandwidth availability; and client rendering speed, the EDC is capable of delivering a high-fidelity experience with both video and text.

The EDC has been written from the ground up and implemented as a 100% compiled binary install.  Significant client side performance improvements have also been achieved. The EDC beta is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS desktops.

If you are interested in beta testing the client please send an email to [email protected] and provide your contact details.  We will respond with information on how to obtain and test the clients.