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Utility Cloud - Osaka, Japan

Inuvika OVD Selected for Japan’s Utility Cloud

Original Announcement (Japanese)

Tokyo, Japan –  Cross Head Co. Ltd., distributor of Inuvika OVD Enterprise in Japan, announced that OVD Enterprise has been selected as the virtualized application and desktop service for the municipality information security cloud known as “Utility Cloud.”

K-Opticom Corporation, provider of Utility Cloud, has been using OVD Enterprise in a production environment for several municipalities in Osaka, Nara and Shiga prefecture since April 2017.

Inuvika OVD Enterprise provides a secure external gateway connection that enables remote access to centralized web and mail applications from local terminals. As a feature of OVD Enterprise, users can create, modify and delete remote data through a user experience that feels like they are operating locally on a PC or tablet. Actual application data is never transmitted to the device, preventing information leakage from local terminals and enabling regional municipalities to access central government information safely. Cross Head Co. Ltd., as distributor of Inuvika OVD Enterprise, will continue to provide customers with high-quality services and secure network segmentation solutions so that more customers can use it with great satisfaction.


About Utility Cloud:
Utility Cloud is a secure and trusted application provisioning cloud service (SaaS) delivered by telecommunication carriers.  Organizations can use the service to combine multiple applications that are necessary to advance their business.   For more information, visit

For more information about Cross Head Co. Ltd. and OVD Enterprise, contact:

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About Inuvika and Inuvika OVD Enterprise

Inuvika is a Canadian company with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Caen, France; and a partner network in 27 countries. Inuvika OVD is a virtualized application delivery platform that is easy to manage through a single web admin console. It allows users to access Linux and Windows apps from a single user interface on any device and operating system. Users can access their virtualized apps through an HTML5-compliant web browser, or on native clients available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. Contact: [email protected]