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Simplify the delivery of desktops to users, pre-populated with Windows and Linux applications.

Shared Desktops

Deliver shared Windows or Linux apps and desktops to users quickly.

Create a Familiar Workspace Interface. Provide users with an interface that is familiar and easy-to-use.

Individualized Apps. Publish apps on an individual user or group basis. Assigned apps dynamically appear within the users shared desktop without the need for a custom VDI desktop.

Use Any Device. Access desktops and applications on any device, including tablets, thin clients, or HTML5 Web browser.

OVD Windows apps and desktops on macOS
OVD Linux apps and desktops on macOS


Provide secure, zero-trust access to business-critical apps anywhere.

Mixed Apps Support. Use Windows and Linux apps together, at the same time, within the same user interface and session. You won't have to install extra modules, or launch separate sessions to use both. Apps run side-by-side and even share the same resources like clipboard.

Multi-version Apps. Publish and assign multiple versions of the same app to users or groups that rely on them for specific workflows such as SAP and Microsoft Office.

Extend the Life of Legacy Apps. That "one" business app. We all have that one app we need to support. OVD gives new life to legacy apps and enables users to access them on modern devices and operating systems.

remote access in science and technology

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