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Inuvika Introduces New Messaging Feature in OVD Enterprise 2.8

Toronto, Canada¬† ‚Äď Inuvika has released the latest version of its application and desktop virtualization solution, OVD Enterprise 2.8.0. ¬†OVD Enterprise is a cost-effective alternative for delivering virtualized Windows and Linux applications and shared desktops to any device.

OVD Enterprise 2.8.0 focuses on maintenance fixes, UI improvements, better integration with Microsoft Active Directory, and changes in host and application server operating system support.  Version 2.8.0 also introduces an often-requested feature by customers: OVD Messaging.

OVD Messaging

OVD Messaging lets administrators send actionable alerts to users from the OVD Admin console. Users can be notified of important events like planned system downtime, updates to terms of service, or any other issues that users need to know.  Administrators create notices in a message editor, with the option of adding HTML formatting and customizable responses to prompt action by the recipient.

Other capabilities include:

  • Survey users on different topics with an ability to provide multiple response options;
  • Assign different levels of importance to a message;
  • Send out a message immediately, or schedule it at a later date;
  • Send messages to individuals or groups of users;
  • Present notices within a dialog box, or as a full-screen notice with a mandatory acknowledgment requirement.

OVD Messaging also features the ability to monitor essential statistics, including which users have received and replied to messages.  Administrators can archive messages and their related statistics for information retention and data compliance purposes.

Better Integration with Microsoft Active Directory

OVD Enterprise 2.8.0 improves compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory Domain Forests.  The improved interoperability ensures that OVD Enterprise can quickly authenticate users within their respective subdomains against a master Active Directory forest.  It eliminates the need for a consolidated trust layer, making deployment within multi-domain environments faster, easier, and more secure.

Other Improvements
  • New support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019;
  • Use of new higher-resolution icons to address modern device displays;
  • Updated Linux desktop themes when presenting a shared Linux desktop to users;
  • Enhanced security with TLSv1.2 as the default cryptographic protocol setting for the Enterprise Secure Gateway.
Changes in Operating System Support

OVD 2.8.x no longer supports Windows Server 2008 R2.¬† The change coincides with Microsoft’s January 2020 end of extended support for the product.¬† OVD 2.8.x will also be the last version to support Ubuntu Linux16.04 LTS as a host and application server operating system.


The 2.8.0 version release also includes essential maintenance fixes and previously released updates for OVD.  Existing OVD subscribers are encouraged to upgrade.   For more details, refer to the OVD 2.8.0 Release Notes.

OVD Enterprise 2.8.0 is sold as a subscription and is available through Inuvika’s global network of Resellers and Hosting Partners. Visit to find an Inuvika partner in your area.

Subscription plans are available as one, three, or five-year terms. Pricing is based on the number of concurrent users, with volume pricing available. Plans include maintenance and access to all updates released during the term of the subscription plan.

The best way to experience OVD Enterprise is by requesting a Free Trial.  Visit to arrange a trial or online demo.

Acerca de Inuvika

Inuvika is a Canadian company with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, and a development office in Caen, France.  Our solution, OVD Enterprise, enables organizations to deliver virtualized Linux and Windows applications and desktops to any device, without the cost and complexity of VDI or other solutions.

OVD delivers apps through private or public clouds, is fast and easy to deploy, and can be managed from a single Web console. Users access apps and shared desktops on any Windows, Linux, or macOS desktop; iOS and Android mobile devices; Chromebook; thin clients; and HTML 5 Web browsers.

Our global partner network of Resellers and Hosted Service Partners deliver OVD Enterprise on-premise or as a service to customers in 34 countries and growing.¬† For more information, email: [email protected].