Advanced Video and Duo Support | Inuvika Releases OVD Enterprise 3.2

Inuvika Releases OVD Enterprise 3.2

Inuvika Announces the Release of OVD Enterprise 3.2 with major performance and security enhancements

Toronto, Canada – Inuvika released OVD Enterprise 3.2, featuring a host of new features designed to improve performance and security with improved video compression, better third-party authentication support, and more second-factor options to choose from.

OVD now supports H.264/AVC Advanced Video Decoding across the Desktop client and Mobile client to improve video quality and performance on low bandwidth networks.

The new ESG now supports Websockets making it easier to work alongside Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) or Web Proxy setups. It now utilises multiple cores for enhanced performance.

Users can now authenticate via SAML2 on the Web client, the Desktop client and the Mobile client. SAML2 has been expanded to work with Hybrid and Full Active-Directory mode also.

OVD 3.2 adds 2FA backed by Duo Security. Users can use SMS, PUSH, Voice call, or the Duo Mobile app as the second factor to login into OVD.

Plus, a new log file provides Administrators with additional information on user logins with information like IP address, login, User-Agent, and session ID.

OVD 3.2 also includes maintenance fixes and various backend improvements that increase performance and improve stability.

For a complete summary of features and updates, read the OVD 3.2 Release Notes summary.

OVD Enterprise 3.2 Availability

OVD 3.2 is available now as either a free upgrade for existing OVD subscribers or for purchase as a yearly subscription through Inuvika’s network of authorized resellers worldwide.   Visit to find an authorized reseller partner near you.

OVD Enterprise is also available as a service through our network of managed service providers.  Visit  for more information about OVD Enterprise as-a-Service.

Learn more about OVD Enterprise 3.2 by visiting

Existing subscribers to OVD Enterprise can upgrade to 3.2 at no additional cost.  Read the OVD Enterprise 3.2 Release Notes Summary to get started:


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