Advisory: Log4j Zero-Day Vulnerability – CVE-2021-44228 - Inuvika

Advisory: Log4j Zero-Day Vulnerability – CVE-2021-44228

Apache Log4j Zero-Day Vulnerability
AKA – Log4Shell (CVE-2021-44228)


A severe remote code vulnerability was discovered in Apache’s Log4j logging system.  Log4j is used by many Java-based applications and services. The zero-day vulnerability affects software using this logging library and allows unauthenticated remote code execution. It enables attackers to gain full control of affected servers and/or users.

CVE-2021-44228 is classified as a severe vulnerability.

Impact on OVD Enterprise

Inuvika has completed an investigation to determine whether OVD Enterprise or any other Inuvika-developed components are impacted.

At this point, Inuvika has not identified vulnerabilities that impact our products or services. We will continue to monitor the situation carefully. In the event that the situation changes, we will notify customers by email and post updates on the Inuvika Support Webpage.

For More Information

Inuvika customers who use Stratodesk NoTouch endpoint devices should refer to Stratodesk’s advisory:  The log4shell vulnerability – What to know – Stratodesk NoTouch

If you have additional questions related to Inuvika and CVE-2021-44228, please email [email protected]




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