OVD Release Notes 3.1 - Inuvika OVD Enteprise Major Release

OVD Release Notes 3.1.0 Summary

Note: The following is a summary of the OVD 3.1.0 Release Notes.
For detailed instructions on installing or upgrading to OVD 3.1.0, refer to the full Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com
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About OVD Enterprise 3.1.0

Inuvika OVD Enterprise 3.1.0 is a major release that adds new security and device connectivity features.  It also includes maintenance fixes and multiple backend improvements that increase performance and improve stability.

What's New in OVD 3.1.0

Inuvika OVD Enterprise 3.1.0 adds enhanced support for connecting and redirecting USB devices, new options for passcode authentication when using Two-Factor Authentication, and various maintenance fixes.  

For more details, please refer to the changelog at the bottom of the page.


Extended Two-Factor Authentication: Secure Keys and Email OTP

Administrators may now allow users to authenticate using One Time Passwords delivered to their email accounts or by using secure keys. The new options allow users to authenticate with 2FA even if they are unable to access the Inuvika Authenticator App on their smartphones.

Web Access Seamless Clipboard

Copy and paste from the Clipboard has been simplified when accessing OVD via a web browser.  The text transition area has been removed and users may now use the conventional keyboard shortcut combinations CTLR / CMD-C and CTRL / CMD-V when transferring clipboard information to and from the client and application server.  This feature requires that HTTPS be enabled and is currently limited to Chrome-based browsers.

Premium Device Redirection

OVD now supports a wide variety of USB devices by integrating with Fabulatech's USB for Remote Desktop.  Users can redirect any USB device when accessing remote Windows desktops and applications using Inuvika's Enterprise Desktop Client.

Additional Features:

  • Redirection does not require the installation of device drivers on the user's local machine
  • Auto-redirection of hot-plugged USB devices without the need for user interaction
  • Ability to dedicate specific USB ports for redirection, leaving the remaining ports for local use
  • Highly-secure redirection between the user's local device and the OVD Windows Application Server
  • Works with any USB device that is supported by remote Windows server/desktop environments

End of support scheduled for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

OVD 3.1.x is the last version to support Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.


End of support scheduled for CentOS

OVD 3.1.x is the last version to support CentOS. The change coincides with the CentOS project deciding to leave the RHEL version cycle on December 31st, 2021.


New Installations

For new installations of Inuvika OVD 3.1.0, follow the instructions outlined in the Installation and Configuration Guide. 

Update an Existing OVD Farm

To update existing installations of Inuvika OVD to 3.1.0 follow the steps outlined in the full OVD 3.1.0 Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com.

OVD 3.1.0 Changelog


  • IVD-1956 - FS-HA: session is logged off when the main FS node is powered off
  • IVD-2945 - Unable to save a file in RDP-redirected drive when using a Windows application; application forces all lowercase characters in the file path
  • IVD-3346 - Identified instabilities in the ESG
  • IVD-3409 - Session stuck in purging mode when using FS-HA and the main FS node is shutdown
  • IVD-3488 - EDC instability upon starting a session on Linux when the computer's hostname contains more than 26 characters
  • IVD-3490 - Opening a file with an external application does not map the closest file path to the application
  • IVD-3617 - Session errors encountered when the "create" request is resent due to network timeouts
  • IVD-3683 - Ensure that all passwords stored in the database are encrypted
  • IVD-3722 - Unable to configure a sub OU (non root) when integrating to Active Directory
  • IVD-3796 - OWA source HTML exposes the LAN IP of the SM when SM and OWA are installed on two different VMs
  • IVD-3806 - Create a new macOS build VM to prevent EDC signature issue
  • IVD-3879 - Session is stuck at "Ending Session" status with OFS status "purged" but APS status is "disconnected"
  • IVD-3920 - Fileserver commences cleanup of the Samba database even when a session is still alive on the Fileserver
  • IVD-3956 - Application shortcut does not appear in the session when the application name contains non-Latin characters
  • IVD-3999 - Add support for Alt Numpad Input Method to EDC Scancode mode
  • IVD-4077 - Unable to configure SAML2 authentication with OVD when the Identity Provider URL contains an underscore character ("_")
  • IVD-4096 - Notepad application is not detected when registering a Windows APS
  • IVD-4103 - Unable to install the Windows OVD Application Server when the randomly-generated password does not match the Windows password policy
  • IVD-4106 - Unable to send SMTP notifications without encryption enabled
  • IVD-4112 - Wrong Service Notice displayed when using multi-tenant and host_ignore option
  • IVD-4113 - Active Directory user is unable to authenticate to the OUC when tenant domain is different from the AD domain
  • IVD-4115 - Firefox's "Open Container Folder" action does not work
  • IVD-4120 - Shared folder name is not properly rendered in the Windows Explorer when the name contains Japanese characters
  • IVD-4130 - Unable to open a BMP file with MS Paint when using Portal Mode
  • IVD-4141 - Seamless window instabilities with custom made application
  • IVD-4146 - Server auto-registration does not link the server to the default organization when multi-tenant is disabled
  • IVD-4155 - Unable to launch the EDC on Windows 7 and 8.0
  • IVD-4158 - XRDP instability in version 2.8.2 on Ubuntu 18.04 when the system is overloaded
  • IVD-4177 - Scaling instabilities for the XRDP Printer service
  • IVD-4183 - Windows session is no longer able to create a session with an admin account
  • IVD-4193 - Unable to access redirected drives when folder names contain non-Latin characters
  • IVD-4194 - Unable to disable RemoteFX on the EMC
  • IVD-4195 - Unable to access the local desktop taskbar when a fullscreen application is displayed in seamless application mode
  • IVD-4212 - Displaying the Android keyboard triggers an unwanted resize of the OWA session
  • IVD-4215 - Unable to install the EDC update on Windows when using the MSI package
  • IVD-4221 - The wrong timezone is detected in the OWA
  • IVD-4240 - External Applications client error encountered on Linux
  • IVD-4249 - XRDP Sesman process exits with return code 1 even if there is no error
  • IVD-4257 - Deprecated Session Manager modules remain in the configuration after an update
  • IVD-4270 - OVD-Slaveserver unresponsive with large log file
  • IVD-4271 - Unable to redirect a printer with a name \\DOMAIN\PRINTER
  • IVD-4273 - The 2FA field is pre-filled with spaces on the Windows EDC
  • IVD-4286 - Unable to build the macOS EDC with cmake 3.21.1
  • IVD-4288 - EDC crashes when a network printer is not available
  • IVD-4295 - Incorrect spelling for audio device
  • IVD-4306 - Shortcuts in Application mode will not launch apps when using Ubuntu 20.04
  • IVD-4340 - AD password change does not work when the user domain and OVD domain names have a different case
  • IVD-4346 - Unable to run One Drive with OVD profiles
  • IVD-4349 - Unable to change AD expired passwords
  • IVD-4360 - Unable to compile mac EDC 3.1 & 2.8 with the build-macos-2021.1 VM
  • IVD-4391 - Unable to start a session with EDC when ESG is installed on OSM+OFS and APS is dedicated node
  • IVD-4400 - The OVD profile does not store SSL client certificates
  • IVD-4455 - Local IME doesn't work with session start in English language


  • IVD-1744 - External application should use OFS storage unit references instead of RDP-redirected drive when opening an application with a file ("Open With")
  • IVD-1754 - Allow the administrator to configure the drive letter to use for the user profile instead of using the hard-coded U:\
  • IVD-2552 - OWA: update Guacamole and Freerdp
  • IVD-2603 - External apps/EDC: Replace "remote_apps" dynamic test by compile time ifndef.
  • IVD-2839 - Rebase the EDC on FreeRDP2 upstream
  • IVD-2897 - Fix XRDP compilation warnings
  • IVD-2943 - Switch OVD Linux services from init script to systemd
  • IVD-3054 - Improve the Linux EDC performance by optimizing the compilation flags
  • IVD-3197 - Make explicit that session->server is the desktop server
  • IVD-3224 - Build a new build-macOS VM configured with ansible
  • IVD-3364 - Allow an admin to provide the CWD of a static application
  • IVD-3384 - Make ClickOnce applications persistent between sessions
  • IVD-3938 - Reduce log level of some non-important ESG messages
  • IVD-4089 - Remove EDC resolution slider as it is redundant (Replaced by a fullscreen checkbox)
  • IVD-4095 - Remove migration script dynamic loading
  • IVD-4108 - Add support resources for Users to access through the OUC
  • IVD-4114 - Use composer to manage php dependencies
  • IVD-4116 - Update jQuery in OWA
  • IVD-4124 - Refactor EventQueue integration in EDC
  • IVD-4160 - Discard DoQuery return values
  • IVD-4163 - Migrate the OVD Slaveserver to Python 3
  • IVD-4166 - Add seamless clipboard to Webaccess
  • IVD-4172 - EDC: Add Fabulatech support
  • IVD-4181 - Add official support to the REST/JSON Admin API
  • IVD-4211 - Can't install EDC debian package in Ubuntu focal 20.04 (deprecated libssl1.0.0 dep)
  • IVD-4216 - Fabulatech integration stage 2
  • IVD-4220 - [Systemd] Review the use of invoke-rc.d/update-rc.d/chkconfig/service/systemctl commands in OVD packaging
  • IVD-4223 - Migrate OVD Message to Python 3
  • IVD-4224 - Migrate OVD Desktop to Python 3
  • IVD-4228 - Migrate OVD Shells to Python 3
  • IVD-4229 - Migrate WebAccess packaging to Python 3
  • IVD-4233 - Implement Multitouch in the EDC
  • IVD-4238 - Migrate rufs tests to Python 3
  • IVD-4266 - Increase size of text boxes on static applications
  • IVD-4298 - Add functionality to (de)activate users in OVD
  • IVD-4300 - Improve the tarball EDC package by providing desktop file, application icon and an installer script
  • IVD-4358 - Make Jenkins able to sign macOS binaries/installer using the new "submit to Apple" approach
  • IVD-4371 - Implement U2F and mail authentication on all OVD clients
  • IVD-4372 - EDC: Implement U2F
  • IVD-4373 - OSM/OUC: Implement U2F
  • IVD-4383 - Unify FreeRDP version used between EDC, EMC and OWA

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