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Remote Access and Business Continuity

Prepare your business for the unexpected.
Enable employees to work remotely from anywhere on any device.


Staying connected to your business can mean the difference between continuity and failure. With an ever-growing list of threats, companies need to keep employees connected no matter where they are located.

Work Remotely Using Virtual Workspaces

Inuvika's application virtualization solution enables your staff to work remotely on any device.  It centralizes data and applications within your cloud data center and delivers them together in a familiar Windows or Linux virtual workspace.

Stay Productive From Anywhere  

No matter what challenges your business is facing, empowering staff to work remotely keeps them connected and provides the flexibility they need to get their work done.  All while dealing with issues like transit disruptions, extreme weather conditions, or more serious emergencies that can impact your organization's ability to operate normally.

OVD Enterprise delivers a complete virtual workspace that lets users connect to their work from home or anywhere else.  And it doesn't require troublesome VPNs.

Protect Your Corporate Data

OVD Enterprise separates data and applications from the employee's device, ensuring:

  • No data is ever lost due to theft or disaster;
  • Staff can reconnect to their work from any endpoint device or Web browser;
  • Applications can be instantly published to users from a central management console, reducing IT management costs.

Excelente ExperiĂȘncia de UsuĂĄrio

OVD Enterprise lets remote workers stay productive on any device.

AplicaçÔes e Desktops

Deliver a Windows or Linux desktop workspace prepopulated with apps to any user device, including Chromebooks, phones, thin clients, and HTML5 Web browsers.

Easy to Use

OVD delivers a virtual workspace experience that feels like your local device. There's no complex set-up or training required in order to get started.

Multi-Task With Ease

OVD lets you use multiple Windows and Linux applications at the same time. You can even share resources and cut and paste information between them.

Fast Application Response Time

Apps and sessions launch in seconds, so your users have an experience that is fast and fluid.

Display Resizing

OVD session screens scale to fit your device. You can seamlessly switch to Full Screen to reproduce the experience of a full desktop on devices like Raspberry Pi and tablets.

Effortless Printing

Local printer redirection and Web print support let you work with your virtual applications as though you were back in the office.


Saiba Mais sobre o OVD Enterprise

Saiba Mais sobre o OVD Enterprise

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Download the Whitepaper

Download the Whitepaper

Download our latest whitepaper on Remote Access and Business Continuity.

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Leia a histĂłria

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