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Premium USB Device Redirection

New in OVD Enterprise 3.1

Premium USB Device Redirection

Connect the widest variety of USB devices to your remote OVD Windows session.

OVD users can connect and redirect any* USB device to a remote OVD Windows session using the Inuvika Enterprise Desktop Client for macOS, Windows, Linux, or Stratodesk NoTouch OS thin clients.

USB Devices Include:

  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Smartcard Readers
  • Webcams
  • Scanners
  • Label Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Hi-Resolution Audio Devices

Easy Connectivity

USB Device Redirection requires no driver installation on the user's local machine. Hot-plugged devices auto-redirect with no manual intervention.


OVD establishes an encrypted Secure Virtual Channel between the user's local machine and the remote application server.

Users only see their own redirected USB devices.

Any Device

Works with any* USB device supported by remote Windows server/desktop environments.

*Devices require driver support for Windows server operating systems in order to function. Some device manufacturers may restrict redirection capability within remote session environments. Consult with the manufacturer to determine whether your device supports redirection.

Other New Features

Seamless Clipboard

Users can now use conventional Cut/Paste keyboard shortcut combinations when transferring clipboard information to and from the client and application when using the Web browser client.

New Options for Two-Factor Authentication

OVD's integrated 2FA allows users to authenticate using One Time Passwords delivered to their email accounts or by using Secure Keys. Users now have the ability to authenticate even if they are unable to access the 2FA authenticator app on their smartphones.

OVD 3.1 Release Notes

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