OVD Release Notes 3.3 - Inuvika OVD Enterprise Major Release

OVD Release Notes 3.3 Summary

Note: The following is a summary of the OVD 3.3 Release Notes.
For detailed instructions on installing or upgrading to OVD 3.3, refer to the full Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com
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About OVD Enterprise 3.3

We are excited to announce the latest major release of Inuvika OVD Enterprise 3.3.0, which includes several new features and enhancements.

What's new

This release includes a variety of enhancements and features that make our software more secure, easier to use, and more customizable with more control over the look and feel of the OVD environment. We hope our customers and their end-users will enjoy these new features and look forward to continuing to improve our software in the future.

For more details, please refer to the changelog at the bottom of the page.

Revisión de la Marca Personalizada

We have added the ability for OVD Administrators to customize the session wallpaper and brand the OVD client applications with their company logo.

With this feature, Administrators can now define a custom wallpaper that appears when users log in to their session. This can be an image of their choosing, such as a company logo, a promotional graphic, or any other image that they would like to use.

In addition to the wallpaper, Administrators can also add their company logo, custom color and title to replace all Inuvika visuals. This helps to create a more cohesive user experience and reinforces the brand identity of the company.

The process of setting up the wallpaper and branding is simple and straightforward. Administrators can access the settings from the Administration Console and upload the desired images, choose a color, title, and allow dark mode where supported.

Windows 10/11 Application Servers

OVD Enterprise 3.3 introduces the ability to use Windows 10/11 Workstations as an Application Server. This new feature expands the deployment options for our customers and provides more flexibility in setting up their OVD environments with a VDI-like solution when needed.

Control de versiones de clientes de escritorio y móviles

We have implemented a feature that prevents the session from starting when the Enterprise Desktop Client or Enterprise Mobile Client version is lower than the authorized version setting. This feature helps ensure that the system is secure and up-to-date.

Emergency Maintenance Mode for Application Servers

Another great addition is the ability that allows administrators to disconnect (sign out) all running sessions on a particular server in maintenance mode. This feature is useful for performing emergency maintenance tasks. Users will be redirected to another application server (if available) when they sign in again.

Linux Application Server Multi-Monitor Support

We have also added support for multi-monitor on Linux Application Servers, making it easier for linux based users to work with multiple displays.

RHEL 8 is now supported

We now support RHEL 8, while retaining compatibility with RHEL 7.

Linux Application Servers can now be Domain Joined

OVD now supports the ability to use Linux Application Servers that have been joined to an Active Directory Domain. This allows users to be able to be authenticated and logged in with a 'real' domain user on both Windows and Linux application servers at the same time in "Full Active Directory Mode"

Web Access now presented inside the Administration Console

The Web Access role can now be administered directly from the Admin UI. This will allow Administrators to monitor the server directly, and check service status.

Improvements to Redirected Printers

We have made some enhancements to the OVD Virtual Printer which is used to automatically redirect local and network printers from the client machine. Now, single-sided printing is set as the default mode. Additionally, two-sided printing is supported on both Long and Short sides.

Enteprise Desktop Client Magic Toolbar

In version 3.2.0, a magic toolbar was introduced which can be accessed through a key combination. This tool allows users to switch between input modes, toggle full-screen/windowed mode, and check session statistics for audio and bandwidth consumption. Now, this toolbar is always visible at the top of the screen in a floating pull-down menu similar to the OVD Web Access menu. This change makes it much more convenient for users to access the toolbar and make in-session changes and perform diagnostics.

End of support notice

Starting with our upcoming releases, we will be phasing out support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver), CentOS 7.x, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7. These platforms have either already reached or are imminently approaching their respective End of Life dates.

Please note that OVD 3.3.0 will be the final version to offer support for these operating systems. We recommend transitioning to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 as soon as possible to benefit from future OVD versions.

New Installations

For new installations of Inuvika OVD 3.3, follow the instructions outlined in the Installation and Configuration Guide. 

Update an Existing OVD Farm

To update existing installations of Inuvika OVD to 3.3 follow the steps outlined in the full OVD 3.3 Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com.

OVD 3.3 Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • IVD-4965 Disk redirection does not work between windowsEDC and linux APS
  • IVD-5055 EDC theming is not applied with jpeg picture
  • IVD-5063 The test client_info randomly failed because when guac-bridge is used
  • IVD-5066 missing resources in administration console
  • IVD-3779 Messaging font inconsistent between Admin console and Session
  • IVD-4126 Script injection issue in Admin Console setting forms
  • IVD-4791 EDC: Application mode Random window position and size
  • IVD-4847 MyInuvika: Add support to pkcs12 using 3DES
  • IVD-4853 XRDP: Audio in not compatible with Chrome
  • IVD-4858 Non-matching style in Software Licenses
  • IVD-4859 Empty csv file downloaded instead of license key
  • IVD-4866 EDC: Fix Camera and Microphone issues on macOS
  • IVD-4867 audio in does not work after a client resize
  • IVD-4875 SAML internal tests randomly failed
  • IVD-4892 WebAccess session doesn't disconnect when abandoned
  • IVD-4900 User Isolation on LAPS prevents snap-Firefox successful installation
  • IVD-4902 Subscription keys can be duplicated easily
  • IVD-4904 Kernel crash after session start
  • IVD-4907 error 500 on jammy when requests for logs
  • IVD-4915 Linux ApplicationServer detects NoDisplay applications but does not detect snap applications
  • IVD-4916 Linux APS is not compatible with snap (desktop file comes from other location)
  • IVD-4917 DuoAPI not installed in jammy
  • IVD-4918 Gateway is not able to handle big POST to session manager
  • IVD-4919 OWA OVD_Printer doesn't work
  • IVD-4920 Unable to print on Ubuntu Jammy APS
  • IVD-4922 SM installation on Ubuntu installs Administration Console as well
  • IVD-4932 gateway issue when managing chunked result
  • IVD-4939 The test IVD-4932 does not pass on centos7
  • IVD-4941 Jammy: Applications are slower to launch than Bionic.
  • IVD-4942 Remove Edge from the Windows taskbar Windows 2022
  • IVD-4943 Windows 2022: Taskbar icons regrouped for the external apps.
  • IVD-4944 Workarea issue with Inscape Linux on Windows Desktop
  • IVD-4947 EDC: Blurry apps on Hi-Dpi displays
  • IVD-4948 remote_apps does not declare icon hash
  • IVD-4949 Session is stuck when printing with the OWA - Windows 2022 Standard Edition
  • IVD-4950 Quickbooks flickering dialog box in Application mode on Windows EDC
  • IVD-4951 Unable to start OVD service on Windows
  • IVD-4952 Bugs Seamless EDC
  • IVD-4953 EDC on macOS shows system popup shoing service notices
  • IVD-4960 client_information does not work in sprint 3.3 when starting Windows desktop session
  • IVD-4963 ScaleFactor is not properlty applied when there is only one monitor
  • IVD-4964 EDC crash in kiosk mode with service notices
  • IVD-4966 No timestamp information for Used Applications
  • IVD-4968 Ajaxplorer does not display Profile content
  • IVD-4969 Service notices not displayed in run package on Jammy
  • IVD-4981 First EDC session fails to start when using Application mode after the installation
  • IVD-4984 Slow start of some snap applications
  • IVD-4990 Moving windows applications in EDC Windows sessions issues
  • IVD-4996 Issue with disconnected user sessions whose password is changed at Active Directory
  • IVD-5001 Static application addition frontend contains two forms
  • IVD-5007 'Start in' directory does not work when it is protected with double quote
  • IVD-5009 Dark theme doesn't work with EDC.exe
  • IVD-5014 high CPU consumption of the gateway after 3.2.2
  • IVD-5015 Move guacamole tomcat resource in /etc/guacamole
  • IVD-5021 EDC theme issues
  • IVD-5023 Overcome the open files limit on Azure Linux images
  • IVD-5027 Sessions started through ESG are reported to be running on Web Access Server
  • IVD-5028 EBV application doesn't work via OVD
  • IVD-5029 Gateway is allowed to manage session before it is ready
  • IVD-5030 usergroup preference merge does not work for array
  • IVD-5033 Webaccess is no more compatible with RDS over tls mode on the Gateway
  • IVD-5036 IVD-5014 does not fix high cpu consumption
  • IVD-5038 RHEL8 code change breaks compilation of 3.2.2 RHE7 package
  • IVD-5042 Linux APS is not able to start session with high resolution
  • IVD-5047 background does not work when profiles are disabled
  • IVD-5048 application mode does not work on webaccess
  • IVD-5051 Missing documentation instruction
  • IVD-5053 webaccess page does not load after a manual installation
  • IVD-5061 SELinux issue on standalone AC on RHEL8
  • IVD-5062 warning display during web access update


  • IVD-5052 Improve EDC top drawer
  • IVD-1420 As an OVD Administrator I want to be able to brand OVD with my company logo so that users can recognize the portal they are using.
  • IVD-2046 Introduce custom wallpaper
  • IVD-2787 Define webaccess as a role
  • IVD-3558 Add support for RHEL 8
  • IVD-3836 EOL 2.8
  • IVD-4074 Implement multi monitor on Linux APS
  • IVD-4528 Implement the APS on Windows 10/11 Workstation to be allocated to 1 user
  • IVD-4663 Ability to put an APS in maintenance mode disconnecting (sign-out) all running sessions on this server
  • IVD-4664 Prevent session start when the EDC/EMC version is lower than SM authorized EDC/EMC version setting
  • IVD-4841 Refactor MFA Backend
  • IVD-4843 Create new compilation VM for 3.3
  • IVD-4862 Make linux build faster
  • IVD-4874 Linux logout screen is confusing
  • IVD-4881 Investigate performance issue with EDC and multimonitor
  • IVD-4883 Monitor DPI detection issue
  • IVD-4945 Favicon for Inuvika OVD on OWA is low res - needs to be updated to retina quality
  • IVD-4955 Update EDC Fabulatech libraries
  • IVD-4958 Change Kerberos to be default password change method for AD
  • IVD-4961 Update hybrid cache description
  • IVD-4962 EDC: Slow UI when uploading a big file
  • IVD-4983 Update Win10 support in order to not use GPO
  • IVD-4988 Prevent load of fabulatech library on mac is third party components are not installed
  • IVD-5006 Deprecate ovd-premium package
  • IVD-5011 "Description of ""Concurrent licenses availability policy"" in AC is confusing"
  • IVD-5012 Switch samba to v3 by default
  • IVD-5017 Enable local Linux users with full AD
  • IVD-5039 EDC: Add a button on top of the desktop session screen
  • IVD-5040 EDC: Add Sound for Remote Desktop in the fabulatech installer

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