OVD Release Notes 3.2.2 - Inuvika OVD Enterprise Maintenance Release

OVD Release Notes 3.2.2 Summary

Note: The following is a summary of the OVD 3.2.2 Release Notes.
For detailed instructions on installing or upgrading to OVD 3.2.2, refer to the full Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com
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About OVD Enterprise 3.2.2

Inuvika OVD Enterprise 3.2.2 is a maintenance release that includes a number of important fixes for OVD 3.2.

What's new

OVD Enterprise 3.2 delivers a host of new features designed to improve performance and security with improved video compression, better third-party authentication support, and more second-factor options to choose from.

For more details, please refer to the changelog at the bottom of the page.

Added Support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)

OVD 3.2.2 now supports Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) to replace Ubuntu 18.04 which went End-Of-Life 31/04/2023

Improved proxy compatibility for the OVD Enterprise Secure Gateway

The new Enterprise Secure Gateway is compatible with Websockets which eases integration behind a Web Application Firewall, or a Web Proxy. Performance is also improved on machines with many CPU Cores.

Support for SAML2 now available on all OVD clients

Previous versions of OVD supported SAML2 only for the Web-Access client. OVD 3.2adds support for the Desktop client and the Mobile client, as well as SAML2 logins with Hybrid and Full Active-Directory integrations.

Extended Two-Factor Authentication: Duo Security

In addition to SAML2, OVD 3.2 now supports 2FA backed by Duo Security. Users can use SMS, PUSH, Voice call, or the Duo Mobile app as the second factor to login into OVD.

Improved video performance

OVD 3.2 introduces Advanced Video decoding as part of the protocol on both the Desktop client and the Mobile client to improve video quality and performance on low bandwidth networks.

New authentication logs

With OVD 3.2, a new log file adds a view on user logins with information like IP address, login, User-Agent, and session ID.

End of support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

OVD 3.2 no longer supports Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. RHEL/CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 are still supported.

End of support for the Admin SOAP API

OVD 3.2 no longer supports the SOAP protocol to administer OVD with a third-party tool. The new and more simple REST API introduced in OVD 3.1.0 is now the only way to access it.

New Installations

For new installations of Inuvika OVD 3.2.0, follow the instructions outlined in the Installation and Configuration Guide. 

Update an Existing OVD Farm

To update existing installations of Inuvika OVD to 3.2.2 follow the steps outlined in the full OVD 3.2.2 Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com.

OVD 3.2.2 Changelog


  • IVD-3779 Messaging font inconsistent between Admin console and Session
  • IVD-4126 Script injection issue in Admin Console setting forms
  • IVD-4230 Administration API allows registering servers and other action before accepting EULA
  • IVD-4919 OWA OVD_Printer doesn't work
  • IVD-4932 gateway issue when managing chunked result
  • IVD-4939 The test IVD-4932 does not pass on centos7
  • IVD-4941 Jammy: Applications are slower to launch than Bionic.
  • IVD-4942 Remove Edge from the Windows taskbar Windows 2022
  • IVD-4943 Windows 2022: Taskbar icons regrouped for the external apps.
  • IVD-4944 Workarea issue with Inscape Linux on Windows Desktop
  • IVD-4947 EDC: Blurry apps on Hi-Dpi displays
  • IVD-4949 Session is stuck when printing with the OWA - Windows 2022 Standard Edition
  • IVD-4950 Quickbooks flickering dialog box in Application mode on Windows EDC
  • IVD-4951 Unable to start OVD service on Windows
  • IVD-4952 Bugs Seamless EDC
  • IVD-4953 EDC on macOS shows system popup shoing service notices
  • IVD-4963 ScaleFactor is not properlty applied when there is only one monitor
  • IVD-4968 Ajaxplorer does not display Profile content
  • IVD-4961 Update hybrid cache description
  • IVD-4969 Service notices not displayed in run package on Jammy
  • IVD-4981 First EDC session fails to start when using Application mode after the installation
  • IVD-4990 Moving windows applications in EDC Windows sessions issues
  • IVD-4996 Issue with disconnected user sessions whose password is changed at Active Directory
  • IVD-4988 Fix fabulatech library load on macOS


  • IVD-4945 Improve Inuvika OVD Favicon for the OWA
  • IVD-4955 Update EDC Fabulatech libraries
  • IVD-4958 Use Kerberos as the default method for AD password change
  • IVD-4961 Update hybrid cache description
  • IVD-4962 Slow EDC UI when uploading a big file
  • IVD-4775 Write documentation about DUO

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