OVD Release Notes 3.2 - Inuvika OVD Enterprise Major Release

OVD Release Notes 3.2 Summary

Note: The following is a summary of the OVD 3.2 Release Notes.
For detailed instructions on installing or upgrading to OVD 3.2, refer to the full Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com
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About OVD Enterprise 3.2

Inuvika OVD Enterprise 3.2.0 is a major release that introduces new features related to performance and security.

What's new

OVD Enterprise 3.2.0 delivers a host of new features designed to improve performance and security with improved video compression, better third-party authentication support, and more second-factor options to choose from.

For more details, please refer to the changelog at the bottom of the page.

Improved proxy compatibility for the OVD Enterprise Secure Gateway

The new Enterprise Secure Gateway is compatible with Websockets which eases integration behind a Web Application Firewall, or a Web Proxy. Performance is also improved on machines with many CPU Cores.

Support for SAML2 now available on all OVD clients

Previous versions of OVD supported SAML2 only for the Web-Access client. OVD 3.2.0 adds support for the Desktop client and the Mobile client, as well as SAML2 logins with Hybrid and Full Active-Directory integrations.

Extended Two-Factor Authentication: Duo Security

In addition to SAML2, OVD 3.2.0 now supports 2FA backed by Duo Security. Users can use SMS, PUSH, Voice call, or the Duo Mobile app as the second factor to login into OVD.

Improved video performance

OVD 3.2.0 introduces Advanced Video decoding as part of the protocol on both the Desktop client and the Mobile client to improve video quality and performance on low bandwidth networks.

New authentication logs

With OVD 3.2.0, a new log file adds a view on user logins with information like IP address, login, User-Agent, and session ID.

End of support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

OVD 3.2.0 no longer supports Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. RHEL/CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 are still supported.

End of support for the Admin SOAP API

OVD 3.2.0 no longer supports the SOAP protocol to administer OVD with a third-party tool. The new and more simple REST API introduced in OVD 3.1.0 is now the only way to access it.

New Installations

For new installations of Inuvika OVD 3.2.0, follow the instructions outlined in the Installation and Configuration Guide. 

Update an Existing OVD Farm

To update existing installations of Inuvika OVD to 3.2.0 follow the steps outlined in the full OVD 3.2.0 Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com.

OVD 3.2.0 Changelog


  • IVD-3029 Problems in the EDC Pilot mode
  • IVD-4078 concurrent access issue on OVD session in session manager
  • IVD-4119 Execution is no more possible when "acl allow execute always" is set
  • IVD-4189 EDC/EMC Add SAML2 support
  • IVD-4418 Review potential missing libraries in EDC RPM
  • IVD-4456 Standard umount failed when logout from the session
  • IVD-4519 HTTP message instabilities detected in the ESG when using the Admin API communication channel
  • IVD-4520 Windows EDC 3.1 breaks USB NIC after reboot
  • IVD-4531 Unable to configure SAML2 authentication in OVD 3.1.0
  • IVD-4545 An error message is displayed on the server detail page of the Admin Console
  • IVD-4547 Unable to extract the user's email address when users are configured with Active Directory
  • IVD-4548 Error messages are displayed during OVD 3.1.0 installation on EL7
  • IVD-4549 OVD Server raises an exception and never stops when attempting to stop the service when "Session Manager not connected. Sleeping for a while "
  • IVD-4552 Unable to start a portal mode session in OVD 3.1.0 when the "use known drive" option is enabled
  • IVD-4558 External app crashes when public_webservices_access is on
  • IVD-4560 OFS service is unable to start if a Samba user share remains from before
  • IVD-4567 FSHA does not install using genfarm
  • IVD-4569 Unable to redirect disks or printers if audio playback is disabled
  • IVD-4573 The libfido2 recipe is not reproducible
  • IVD-4581 EDC windows packaging is broken in debug mode
  • IVD-4590 Potential race condition in first session creation
  • IVD-4591 Invalid Google Chrome icon in the taskbar, the icon is blank
  • IVD-4599 Issue when deleting a tenant with a running session
  • IVD-4600 Disabled login/password authentication doesn't work properly
  • IVD-4602 Unable to shadow a Windows session with OVD 3.1.0
  • IVD-4607 Custom icons set in the Admin Console are not displayed on the desktop APS
  • IVD-4611 Broken web link in the "Set Custom Icon" page of the Admin Console
  • IVD-4613 ovd-tests abort tests when one session remains at the end of the test
  • IVD-4617 Compilation VMs are unable to compile Linux EDC if Conan recipes have changed
  • IVD-4622 The "Export to CSV" option from the Application Usage does not work
  • IVD-4628 Unable to “Force Message Delivery” in OVD 3.1.0
  • IVD-4633 OWA does not download new files when moved to the session's Download folder
  • IVD-4645 Warning in the log on Full AD Integration
  • IVD-4652 OWA "Security Settings" option is unusable when password authentication is disabled
  • IVD-4666 EDC App Mode desktop icons are empty
  • IVD-4667 samba limits prevent starting a new ovd session
  • IVD-4669 Race condition in updated server properties
  • IVD-4671 Race condition in fs delete share
  • IVD-4675 Unable to open a file from a shared folder with an external application
  • IVD-4694 EDC does not set the local default printer as the default redirected printer on APS
  • IVD-4695 EDC: Graphic glitches in App mode
  • IVD-4698 Gateway role formatting in Admin console not in line with others
  • IVD-4709 Default printer on EDC doesn't work properly
  • IVD-4760 Fabulatech lib crashes when disconnecting multiple RDP session
  • IVD-4768 Application thumbnails in windows taskbar black
  • IVD-4771 EDC: Audio issue unplugging the headset while using the microphone
  • IVD-4773 EDC App mode on Windows imprecise window placement
  • IVD-4780 audio IN does not work on the webaccess
  • IVD-4781 Issue with outlook black screen application mode
  • IVD-4787 Still using application id for icons on summary.php page
  • IVD-4792 Ansible OVD deployment and tests randomly fail
  • IVD-4793 Update from 3.1.1 to 3.2 does not work on thel7
  • IVD-4795 ovd-test report downloaded log with the size of 0
  • IVD-4796 EDC: App mode crash on macOS
  • IVD-4797 EDC: App mode slow shortcuts on windows
  • IVD-4798 xrdp is not able to update because of scim
  • IVD-4799 2FA email authentication successful for a wrong user
  • IVD-4804 Inuvika Authenticator 2FA not persistent through an upgrade
  • IVD-4805 On the OAC when downloading logs, they do not correspond to the logs displayed
  • IVD-4807 Icons in EDC - application mode mixed up after connecting to a different farm
  • IVD-4808 Empty file appears in Application Mode (EDC.exe)
  • IVD-4809 AC crash when install without SM
  • IVD-4811 Do not install Fabulatech library if no Fabulatech components are installed on the EDC
  • IVD-4813 Unable to use Duo with RHEL 7
  • IVD-4817 EDC .run doesn't work on recent Linux system
  • IVD-4821 DUO OTP does not work with the EMC
  • IVD-4834 Unable to display a user if Duo isn't working
  • IVD-4836 restricts preference which can be overridden by user/group in the security section
  • IVD-4842 Duo code verification does not provide client IP
  • IVD-4845 Dialog appears when IP whitelisted on Duo Security
  • IVD-4852 Slaveserver is not able to start when the OSM is not configured
  • IVD-4867 Audio in does not work after a client resize
  • IVD-4866 EDC: Fix Camera and Microphone issues on macOS
  • IVD-4853 XRDP: Audio-in not compatible with Chrome


  • IVD-1034 Add the ability to create SAML Metadata for the SP
  • IVD-1412 Change slaveserver level log level without restarting Slaveserver.
  • IVD-1886 Add "reload" action to slaveserver init script so I don't have to kill the running session when deploying a new SSL cert to the ESG
  • IVD-2920 Allows the EDC to use a native Windows printer driver for select printers
  • IVD-3611 Improve application icons management via the admin API for better performance
  • IVD-4099 EOL 2.7
  • IVD-4333 Update EDC Pilot mode for FreeRDP version 2
  • IVD-4347 Improve the EDC/EMC audio/video performance enabling AAC & H.264/AVC using the libavcodec (FFmpeg) integration
  • IVD-4464 Linux dependencies cleanup
  • IVD-4514 UI - inaccurate wording for backup codes prompt
  • IVD-4525 Store client information inside the SM session
  • IVD-4529 Update third-party libraries after OVD 3.1
  • IVD-4530 Store service status inside session manager
  • IVD-4535 Drop support of Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial)
  • IVD-4538 Explore possibilities for authenticating OVD users with SAML 2 and start an Active Directory domain user
  • IVD-4561 Remove SOAP API
  • IVD-4562 Populate script - step 2
  • IVD-4577 Add FreeRDP session information callbacks
  • IVD-4604 Improve secondary authentication for SAML
  • IVD-4605 Improve SAML documentation
  • IVD-4609 Replace tomcat with an alternate package
  • IVD-4614 Improve TCHAR usage in EDC
  • IVD-4624 Drop our custom version of the Fuse library on EL7 and use the system version instead
  • IVD-4627 Drop deprecated support of XRDP SCIM for IME and only keep IBUS
  • IVD-4649 Create a new compilation VM for 3.2
  • IVD-4654 Implement RDP over Websockets on the ESG, EDC, EMC
  • IVD-4656 Implement DUO MFA authentication API
  • IVD-4657 Improve logging of client connections
  • IVD-4765 Add a new way to mask the server in XML returned by the gateway
  • IVD-4772 Drop AAC from OVD
  • IVD-4784 Improve Windows thumbnails behavior
  • IVD-4788 Add Gateway compatibility with Nginx and Haproxy
  • IVD-4802 3.2.0 Translations
  • IVD-4775 Write documentation about DUO

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