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The Best VPN Alternative for Remote Work Access


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A VPN alternative that doesn't get in the way

Frustrated with your VPN? Many organizations rely on a VPN to let employees work remotely.  But let's face it, VPNs are not complete solutions for remote work, and they have their own challenges that you need to manage.
We have a better solution.
OVD Enterprise is Built for Remote Work
It safely connects your remote workforce to corporate resources and business-critical applications. You can access Windows and Linux applications and desktops on any device, anywhere. And the best part is you don't need a VPN to do it.
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A VPN Alternative Solution for Remote Work

OVD is an integrated application virtualization solution that creates secure virtual workspaces and lets users work remotely without using a VPN.

OVD centralizes data and applications within the cloud datacenter, combines them with a familiar desktop or Web interface, and delivers them together to users on any device, including tablets, PCs, phones, and thin clients.

Since you won't need a VPN, you can say goodbye to the time and costs of supporting one.

Remote Access Security Without the Hassle

OVD includes the Enterprise Secure Gateway. It uses existing security ports and advanced encryption to create a safe entry point for remote workers without the need for open network VPN access.

Once securely connected, remote workers have instant access to their files and applications that run in real-time in your cloud datacenter and never leave its safe confines.

Since no application data ever resides on endpoint devices, sensitive data remains safe from theft and cybercrime.

Improve Remote Productivity and Reduce Costs

Virtual workspaces allow remote workers to get set up quickly and securely with minimal effort. Your IT department will spend less time supporting VPN issues like remote device configuration, securing non-provisioned BYOD devices, and dealing with bandwidth congestion problems that impact productivity.

Instead, you can improve your data security and lower management costs by streamlining and centralizing your data and applications.

A Great Remote User Experience

Just because you're out of the office doesn't mean that you have to compromise. OVD provides a great user experience that lets remote workers stay productive from anywhere.

  • Familiar and easy-to-use virtual workspaces that feel like your local device. No costly training required.
  • Multi-task with Windows and Linux applications at the same time.
  • Apps and sessions launch in seconds, creating an experience that is fast and fluid.
  • Local print redirection and Web print support let you work as though you were back in the office.

Why OVD For Remote Access?


OVD is an all-in-one solution for secure remote work access, without the need for VPNs.

Deliver Windows and Linux apps together at the same time.

Single point of management for IT administrators.

Simple and Affordable

OVD deploys in hours, not days, without expensive consultants.

Works with today's enterprise IT standards.

Straightforward OPEX-based subscription licensing simplifies budgeting.

Easy for Users

Deliver a familiar and easy-to-use desktop or Web portal virtual workspace to any device or Web browser.

No need for costly and time-consuming user training.

Highly Secure

Advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Centralized processing of data prevents data loss and leakage.

Use non-managed devices without the need for pre configuration.


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Download the Whitepaper

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