Inuvika Releases OVD Enterprise 2.7.3 Update - Inuvika

Inuvika Releases OVD Enterprise 2.7.3 Update


Toronto, Canada – Inuvika announced the availability of the OVD Enterprise 2.7.3 maintenance release. The update provides stability and maintenance fixes for OVD Enterprise 2.7.0, including issues related to token-based credentials storage for Microsoft Office 365 and Skype users.

Updates are also available for the Enterprise Desktop Client on Windows, macOS, and Linux; and Enterprise Mobile Client for iOS and Android/Chrome OS mobile devices.

Inuvika is also adopting a new version number format for the Enterprise Mobile Clients based on YYMM.X.  Moving forward, mobile client versioning will be decoupled from the server version, allowing for independent releases and maintenance updates.

The new 2.7.3 version build number for iOS and Android/ChromeOS clients is now 1910.2.

Inuvika recommends current subscribers of OVD Enterprise 2.7.x and users of Enterprise Desktop and Mobile Clients update their devices and servers.

For more details, please refer to the OVD Release Notes Summary 2.7.3.

Links to the most current versions of the OVD Enterprise Desktop and Mobile clients can be found in the Downloads section of the Inuvika Support page.


About Inuvika:

Inuvika es una empresa canadiense con sede en Toronto (Ontario), y una oficina de desarrollo en Caen (Francia). Nuestro producto, OVD Enterprise, permite a las empresas disponer de aplicaciones virtualizadas de Linux y Windows en cualquier dispositivo, sin los costes ni la complejidad del VDI.

OVD delivers apps through private or public clouds, is easy to deploy and can be managed from a single Web console. Users can access apps and shared desktops through any Windows, Linux or macOS desktop; iOS and Android mobile devices; Chromebook; or clientless HTML5 browser devices.