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Take 10: Inuvika and Thin Clients in Enterprise

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We are very excited to announce a new video series titled “Inuvika Take 10.”  Take 10 will present various topics related to Inuvika and OVD Application virtualization in a short, 10-minute video format.  Take a break out of your day to learn more about app virtualization and other related topics.

Inuvika and Thin Clients

Interest in thin client technology for enterprise is growing, but how do you overcome the Windows application barrier? Take 10 Episode 1 demonstrates how Raspberry Pi and Chromebook thin clients work with Inuvika OVD Enterprise to create a powerful app virtualization solution that can lower your overall cost of IT infrastructure.


Thin Clients,  Inuvika OVD Enterprise, App virtualization, Stratodesk, Chromebook, BYOD, Raspberry Pi, ChromeOS

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