Inuvika Earns Accolades for Virtual Desktop Software from Leading B2B Review Site - Inuvika

Inuvika Earns Accolades for Virtual Desktop Software from Leading B2B Review Site

Inuvika OVD Enterprise virtual applications and desktop software has recently been honored with the 2023 Rising Star Award by FinancesOnline for its progress and achievements in the VDI/Virtual Apps space. 

FinancesOnline extensively evaluated Inuvika, examining customer feedback, opinions from various channels, and sentiments shared on social media to gauge overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, the experts at FinancesOnline published a thorough review of Inuvika, commending its effectiveness as a virtual applications and desktop solution.

The review highlights OVD Enterprise’s strengths as an alternative to traditional competitors in the market including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and VMware Horizon Apps.. Inuvika enables users to access Windows and Linux applications through a digital workspace. The platform utilizes a unified delivery system that can be installed on-premises, in any public cloud or accessed as a service (through Inuvika’s partner network as a hosted DaaS ). The software is the only product on the market that allows for virtualized apps to appear and act as though they are natively installed on MacOS. Inuvika OVD also has a Chromebook client, making it a very flexible product.  

Inuvika presents a secure solution that allows users to access their work applications and data from any location conveniently. This feature is particularly beneficial for modern workplaces that prioritize remote work arrangements. By enabling remote access to work applications and data, Inuvika offers users greater flexibility in managing their work-life balance. It allows them to choose when and where they work, accommodating individual preferences and enhancing productivity.

By harnessing the powerful features of a Linux back-end and innovative resource containerization technology, Inuvika simplifies data center operations by reducing the need for excessive infrastructure. As the industry increasingly adopts public cloud and consumption-based computing, OVD’s built-in controls significantly reduce resource usage. This all helps lower carbon emissions and makes Inuvika OVD one of the greenest products in this space.

Inuvika takes pride in its commitment to user-friendly simplicity and streamlined management. Administrators gain centralized control over the Inuvika platform through its intuitive web-based console, allowing for efficient deployment, monitoring and management of virtual desktop environments. This single-pane-of-glass management approach simplifies the administration process, saving time and resources.  Admins can be experts on OVD Enterprise in less than a day.

With Inuvika, users can select their preferred method of accessing applications, whether through application mode, a virtual desktop or a web portal. They can create virtual workspaces that are fast, reliable and familiar. Inuvika’s advanced design and simplicity allows for installation within hours instead of days. 

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Inuvika continues to innovate and develop new solutions to address the evolving needs of modern businesses. Combining advanced technology, user-friendly interfaces and a dedication to customer success, Inuvika remains at the forefront of the industry, empowering organizations to thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world.

Inuvika is thrilled to be recognized by FinancesOnline and are truly grateful for the positive feedback from our loyal customers and partners who reviewed our product. We look forward to working together to develop new and innovative features to keep our customer satisfaction ratings high.