Inuvika OVD Enterprise: Your Secure, Cost-Efficient Citrix Alternative Amidst CitrixBleed Vulnerability Landscape - Inuvika

Inuvika OVD Enterprise: Your Secure, Cost-Efficient Citrix Alternative Amidst CitrixBleed Vulnerability Landscape

Integrated Gateway, Linux Backend, and Proven Security – Unveiling the Inuvika Advantage as your Top Alternative to Citrix

Amid growing concerns surrounding the CitrixBleed vulnerability, Inuvika’s OVD Enterprise has emerged as the go-to alternative to Citrix, solidifying its position as a robust and secure solution in the dynamic virtual desktop and application virtualization landscape.

Innovative Security Shield: Integrated Gateway

At the heart of Inuvika’s product is its pioneering security approach starting with zero trust and epitomized by its integrated gateway. This proprietary feature sets Inuvika apart from Citrix, ensuring OVD Enterprise users remain untouched by vulnerabilities like CitrixBleed, sidestepping the need for external components such as Citrix NetScaler (ADC). Beyond simplifying deployment and wrapping everything in a single, purpose-built product, the integrated gateway actively reduces the attack surface, cultivating a seamless and secure virtual desktop and  application virtualization environment.

Alex Perkins, Technical Director at Inuvika emphasized, “Users of Inuvika OVD can be confident that their virtual desktop infrastructure is not only efficient, but also built on a foundation of security, with fewer entry points, allowing it to stand resilient against emerging threats.”

The key differentiator for Inuvika vs Citrix and other Citrix competitors is that it is not a Windows based product and avoids many of the common threats pertaining to software built exclusively on Windows.  Inuvika OVD Enterprise has a Linux backend, aligning with the growing trend toward Linux based solutions. As businesses increasingly consider Linux for its reliability and security benefits, Inuvika stands as a pioneer with a robust Linux-based virtual apps and VDI desktop solution.

Cost-Efficiency: TCO reduced by 50%

Inuvika OVD proudly stands as the number one alternative to Citrix based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Resource containerization and the efficient build of Inuvika OVD allows more users per server, cutting down on infrastructure costs.  It also eliminates most Windows license costs including Microsoft SQL Server licenses.  It has its own built-in multi-factor authentication, so a third part alternative is not required.  It is hypervisor agnostic, so works well with their partners like Red Hat (KVM) or Nutanix (AHV) and any other hypervisor.  They sell subscriptions on a concurrent user basis at a significant discount to Citrix or VMware.  All of this results in a TCO reduction in excess of 50%.

Security in the Spotlight: Insights from Bloomberg

Recent insights from Bloomberg  underscore the urgency for businesses to explore alternatives, with proven security measures, as hackers have exploited a major Citrix NetScaler (ADC) vulnerability despite the fix put in place.  The Citrix Bleed problem was reported by Tech Crunch

on November 14 and was widely reported by others as early as October. Yet, customers continue to have issues daily as the patch failed to completely fix the vulnerability and the only real fix is a full rebuild.

Secure Your Digital Workspace with Inuvika OVD Enterprise

As organizations prioritize safeguarding their digital assets in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats, Inuvika sets a new standard for virtual apps and desktop solutions in this post-Citrix Bleed era.  Inuvika not only addresses existing security concerns, but emerges as a forward-thinking alternative, offering businesses peace of mind to focus on core operations without compromising on security. It is the ultimate Citrix replacement.


Photo courtesy of Vecteezy