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Winov workspace cloud

Winov Introduces Workspace Cloud – Powered by Inuvika

OVD Enterprise as-a-service comes to Brazil


Toronto, Canada – Inuvika Authorized Hosting Services Partner, Winov, launched OVD Enterprise as-a-service into the Brazilian market. Workspace Cloud is Winov’s fully-managed desktop and applications-as-a-service solution powered by Inuvika OVD Enterprise. 

Workspace Cloud allows anyone to work remotely from anywhere in the world by centralizing data and applications in the Winov cloud and presenting them together to users within a virtual workspace.  

The service delivers an intuitive Windows or Linux workspace environment that is familiar and easy to use. Users access virtual applications on any Windows, Linux, or macOS device, iOS or Android mobile devices, Chromebooks, Raspberry Pi thin clients, or HTML5 Web browser.

In addition to the core service, Winov provides a host of other services, including cloud-based back-up, security, hyper-converged cloud infrastructure, and 24-7 support. Winov’s comprehensive suite of services allows them to offer flexible one-stop solutions at a fixed price.

Workspace Cloud and Remote Productivity

Workspace Cloud addresses the growing need for businesses to support workforce mobility.  Today’s organizations are challenged with maintaining operations with a distributed workforce that must work remotely. 

To stay productive, staff need to access business-critical applications and corporate data anytime, anywhere, and on any device. I.T. departments are tasked with finding the right blend of technologies that are easy for users to use and easy for the organization to manage.

We are very excited to work with Winov to provide Inuvika’s first fully-managed OVD Enterprise as-a-Service offering in the Brazilian market.  Workspace Cloud lets any organization provide secure work-from-anywhere services to their employees. The 2020 COVID-19 global pandemic forced many businesses to reimagine how they can support the new distributed workforce’s unique needs for secure and reliable remote access. Workspace Cloud, powered by OVD Enterprise, helps companies bridge their business-critical applications into the cloud and deliver them to users anywhere, on any device. Winov provides a familiar Windows workspace environment, so employees can be up and running quickly and without extensive training. ” – Edward Adlers, Global Director of Marketing, Inuvika.

Workspace Cloud is available on a monthly basis. It can be combined with other Winov cloud service offerings to create complete enterprise cloud solutions for any sized business or organization.

Learn About Workspace Cloud

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About Winov

Winov is a public cloud provider in Brazil, focused on data management, security, virtualized applications-as-a-service, and other high-level cloud technologies. Our mission is to make the infrastructure invisible to our customers, allowing them to focus on what matters most, their core business.

Winov works closely with its customers to develop customized services, enabling robust, secure, and high-performance enterprise cloud delivery. 

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