OVD Release Notes 2.7.3 - Inuvika Maintenance Update

OVD Release Notes Summary 2.7.3

Note: The following is a summary of the OVD 2.7.3 Release Notes.
For detailed instructions on installing or upgrading to OVD 2.7.3, refer to the full Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com
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About OVD 2.7.3

Inuvika OVD Enterprise 2.7.3 is a maintenance release that includes a number of maintenance fixes for OVD 2.7.0. For more details, please refer to the changelog at the bottom of the page.

About OVD 2.7.0

Inuvika OVD Enterprise 2.7.0 is a major release that introduces new support for Multi-Tenancy. Managed Service Providers and large, multi-branch organizations can now implement multiple, independent instances of OVD from one shared server farm. Individual tenant data and shared resources remain isolated from one another, ensuring complete data privacy.

Version 2.7.0 also includes changes for Operating System support and user interfaces.

Support for Multi-Tenancy

OVD 2.7.0 is now a fully multi-tenant ready solution, allowing multiple organizations ("tenants") to share the same OVD farm, and other data center resources, without compromising data privacy. OVD can also be used in smaller, single-tenant environments with little to no change compared to previous versions.

Linux Desktop and Applications Look and Feel

The Linux application and desktop user interface has been modernized and unified across all the Linux variants that Inuvika supports. Users of Microsoft Windows 10 workstations can experience a more familiar desktop environment when transitioning over from Windows applications and desktops to Linux.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) Support

IT departments can use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) to host any component of Inuvika OVD Enterprise.

End of Support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) and Demo Appliance (ODA)

OVD 2.7.0 has discontinued support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr), as Canonical's Extended Server Support ended in April 2019. If you are currently maintaining OVD on Ubuntu 14.04, you are required to perform a clean re-installation on Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 18.04 if you wish to upgrade to 2.7.0.

Inuvika has also discontinued support for the OVD Demo Appliance (ODA), initially used for quick demonstration installations. Inuvika released a new installation mechanism based on Ansible to help organizations accelerate the deployment of both small and large OVD installations.

End of Support Scheduled for Windows Server 2008 R2

OVD 2.7.x is the last version to support Windows Server 2008 R2, as Microsoft's Extended Support ends in January 2020. Future releases of OVD will only support Windows Server 2012 R2 (or newer) for security and stability reasons.

New Installation

For new installations of Inuvika OVD, follow the instructions outlined in the "Installation and Configuration Guide."   Log into support.inuvika.com to access this guide and other resources.

Update an Existing OVD Farm

To update existing installations of Inuvika OVD to 2.7.3 follow the steps outlined in the full OVD 2.7.3 Release Notes available at support.inuvika.com.



  • IVD-1032 - Fileserver stop with a python exception when trying to start it while another instance is running
  • IVD-2747 - MS OneClick Apps won't work with OVD
  • IVD-2995 - Windows APS service does not work when host has huge resources (16 CPU / 32 GB RAM)
  • IVD-3057 - Fix log filename security issue in Session Manager
  • IVD-3122 - Fix login script js issues
  • IVD-3177 - Skype saved credentials are lost in next session
  • IVD-3246 - Can't get logs from the OAC
  • IVD-3275 - Unable to save Outlook attachments using OVD-FS
  • IVD-3293 - EDC archive doesnt work on recent Linux system
  • IVD-3298 - Incorrect date for Active Sessions in user's page
  • IVD-3320 - Publication Wizard: Unable to create a group in fullAD
  • IVD-3333 - Fix login and domain names provided by the mustache variables
  • IVD-3334 - Unable to start an application using a file in shared folder
  • IVD-3335 - Error reported by yum when update the APS and/or ESG on el7
  • IVD-3337 - Migration issue for multitenant
  • IVD-3339 - Unable to mount a CIFS external data storage with a space in the share name
  • IVD-3341 - kernel log message is display each time mount.cifs is done for 2.7
  • IVD-3343 - Slaveserver failed to start after a reboot on Windows server 2016
  • IVD-3359 - Unable to use ADFS/SAML2 with OVD
  • IVD-3371 - Office 365 subscription is lost at next session
  • IVD-3375 - Unable to see autocompletion on RStudio package list
  • IVD-3377 - Shared folder listing page shows tenant information when MT is disabled
  • IVD-3390 - Add a warning message in the Admin console to say only one eval key can be used at a time
  • IVD-3407 - Unable to start a FullAD session on 2.7.2 using UPN when different from samAccountName
  • IVD-3411 - Twig issues on External Data Storage page
  • IVD-3412 - Unable to start a Full AD session using the OWA and a long password
  • IVD-3448 - External app lauch with file may fail

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